What is Java?

Before we introduce the Java Platform how about answering a very basic question What is a PC? 


Take your time The dictionary definition of computer is that it is an electronic device capable of performing computations It has many peripherals like a monitor and keyboard to accept or display data to users and memory to store information But the heart of the computer is its processor which does all the thinking for the computer? 


Coming back to our definition of computer you may have noticed the key word electronic Thinking of it if a computer is an electronic device. How can it understand and display text? 


images [videos] and other Rich media information Well a computer understands only electronic signals where a 5 volt current represents a binary 1 and a 0 volt current represents a binary 0 Your PC is continually bombarded with these electronic pulses which it interprets 8 bits of such signals are grouped together and text Numerical and symbols are identified by unique patterns of these 8 electric pulses for example the pound symbol is represented by the pattern 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 instruction to add two numbers is represented by Pattern 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 .


This is 8-bit computing Current day processors are capable of understanding and decoding 64 bits at a time Suppose you are asked to write a program to add two numbers say add one with two Assembly language is the most elementary form of software development languages? 


Your code to add two numbers in this [language] would look like store number [one] at Memory location say A store number two at Memory locations say B add contents of location a and B store results. 


The way you feed this code to the processor would depend on the PC. You are using Back in the 50s when computers were huge and consumed a great deal of power you would convert your assembly language code into corresponding machine code of ones and zeros using mapping sheets and Punch the machine code into punch cards and then feed those punch cards to the computer. 


With advancement in technology I/o devices were invented you could directly type the program into the PC using a program called Assembler Converted into corresponding machine code and feed that to your processor That apart you will also have to make calls to operating systems providing functions to display the output of code With advancement in software development languages this entire assembly code could be shrinked into just one line printf 1 + 2 A software called compiler is used to convert your C language code into assembly code and the Assembler converts it into corresponding machine code. 


Though Present-day compilers come bundled with assembler they can directly convert your higher language code into machine codes Now suppose windows operating system is running on this intel processor Combination of operating system plus the processor is called the platform The most common platform in the world is the windows and intel called the wintel platform the other popular platforms are amd and Linux power PC and Mac os x Now with change in processors the Assembly instructions will change For example the add instruction in intel may be called addition for amd or math add for PowerPC and Obviously with change in operating system the level and nature os level call. 


We’ll also change as A developer I want my software program to work on all platforms available to maximize my revenues. 


So I would have to buy separate compilers which convert my printf command into the native machine code But compilers come expensive and there’s a chance of compatibility issues Enter Java language the code to display addition of two numbers is system. 


Dot out dot printIn 1+2 saved as a dot Java file Using the Java compiler the code is converted into a intermediate code called the bytecode The outcome is a dot class file This code is not understood by any platform, but only a virtual platform called the Java virtual machine. 


This virtual machine resides in the ram of your operating system when the virtual machine is fed with this bytecode [it] identifies the platform it is working on and Converts the bytecode into the native machine code in fact while working on your PC Or browsing a web whenever you see either of these icons be assured the Java virtual machine is loaded in your RAM. 

But what makes Java lucrative is that code once compiled can run not only on all PC platforms? 


But also Mobile’s or other electronic gadgets supporting Java Hence Java is a language as well as a platform

How Machine Learning

On the internet, the algorithms are all around you. You are watching this video because an algorithm brought it to you (among others) to click, which you did, and the algorithm took note. 


When you open the TweetBook, A the algorithm decides what you see. When you search through your photos, A the algorithm does the finding. Maybe even makes a little movie for you. When you buy something, 


A the algorithm sets the price and A the algorithm is at your bank watching transactions for fraud. The stock market is full of algorithms trading with algorithms. Given this, you might want to know how these little algorithmic bots shaping your world work, especially when they don’t. In Ye Olden Days, humans built algorithmic bots by giving them instructions the humans could explain.


 “If this, then that.” But many problems are just too big and hard for a human to write simple instructions for. There’s a gazillion financial transactions a second, which ones are fraudulent? 


There’s octillion videos on NetMeTube. Which eight should the user see as recommendations? Which shouldn’t be allowed on the site at all? For this airline seat, what is the maximum price this user will pay right now? 


Algorithmic bots give answers to these questions. Not perfect answers,but much better than a human could do. But how these bots work exactly,more and more, no one knows. Not even the humans who built them, or “built them”, as we will see… Now companies that use these botsdon’t want to talk about how they work because the bots are valuable employees. Very, VERY valuable. 


And how their brains are built is a fiercely guarded trade secret. Right now the cutting edge is most likely very ‘I hope you like linear algebra’, but what the current hotness is on any particular site and how the bots work, is a bit “I dunno”, and always will be. 


So let’s talk about one of the more quaint but understandable ways bots CAN be “built” without understanding how their brains work. Say you want a bot that can recognizewhat is in a picture. Is it a bee, or is it a three? It’s easy for humans (even little humans), but it’s impossible to just tell a bot in bot language how to do it, because really we just know that’s a bee and that’s a three. 


We can say in words what makes them different, but bots don’t understand words. And it’s the wiring in our brains that makes it happen anyway. While an individual neuron may be understood, and clusters of neurons’ general purpose vaguely grasped, the whole is beyond. Nonetheless, it works. 


So to get a bot that can do this sorting, you don’t build it yourself. You build a bot that builds bots,and a bot that teaches bots. These bots’ brains are simpler,something a smart human programmer can make. The builder bot builds bots, though it’s not very good at it. 


At first it connects the wires and modules in the bot brains almost at random. This leads to some very… “special” student bots sent to teacher bot to teach. Of course, teacher bot can’ttell a bee from a three either; if the human could build teacher bot to do that, well, then, problem solved. Instead the human gives teacher bot a bunch of “bee” photos, and “three” photos, and an answer key to which is what. Teacher bot can’t teach, but teacher bot can TEST. 


The adorkable student bots stick out their tongues, try very hard, but they are bad at what they do. Very, VERY, bad. And it’s not their fault, really, they were built that way. Grades in hand, the student bots take a march of shame back to builder bot. those that did best are put to one side, the others recycled. 


Builder bot still isn’t good at building bots, but now it takes those leftand makes copies with changes in new combinations. Back to school they go. Teacher bot teaches – er, tests again, and builder bot builds again. 


And again, and again. Now a builder that builds at random, and a teacher that doesn’t teach, just tests, and students who can’t learn, they just are what they are, in theory shouldn’t work, but in practice, it does. 


Partly because in every iteration, builder bot’s slaughterhouse keeps the best and discards the rest, and partly because teacher bot isn’t overseeing an old-timey, one-room schoolhouse with a dozen students, but an infinite warehouse with thousands of students. The test isn’t ten questions, but a million questions. And how many times does the test, build, test loop repeat? 


As many as necessary. At first students that survive are just lucky, but by combining enough lucky bots, and keeping only what works, and randomly messing around with new copies of that eventually a student bot emerges that isn’t lucky, that can perhaps barely tell bees from threes. 


As this bot is copied and changed,slowly the average test score rises, and thus the grade needed to survive the next round gets higher and higher. Keep this up and eventually from the infinite warehouse (slaughterhouse) a student bot will emerge, who can tell a bee from a three in a photo it’s never seen before pretty well. But how the student bot does this, neither the teacher bot nor the builder bot, nor the human overseer, can understand. Nor the student bot itself. 


After keeping so many useful random changes,the wiring in its head is incredibly complicated, and while an individual line of code may be understood, and clusters of code’s general purpose vaguely grasped, the whole is beyond, nonetheless, it works. 


But this is frustrating, especially as the student bot is very good at exactly only the kinds of questions it’s been taught to. It’s great with photos, but useless with videos or baffled if the photos are upside down, or things that are obviously not bees, it’s confident are. 


Since teacher bot can’t teach, all the human overseer can do is give it more questions, to make the test even longer, to include the kinds of questions the best bots get wrong. This is important to understand. It’s a reason why companies are obsessed with collecting data. More data equals longer tests equals better bots. 


So when you get the “Are you human?” test on a website, you are not only proving that you are human, (hopefully), but you are also helping to build the test to make bots that can read, or count, or tell lakes from mountains, or horses from humans. Seeing lots of questions about driving lately? 


Hmm…! What could that be building a test for? Now figuring out what’s in a photo, or on a sign, or filtering videos, requires humans to make correct enough tests. But there is another kind of test that makes itself. Tests ON the humans. For example, say entirely hypothetical NetMeTube wanted users to keep watching as long as possible? 


Well, how long a user stays on the site is easy to measure. So, teacher bot gives each student bot a bunch of NetMeTube users to oversee, the student bots watch what their user watches, looks at their files, and do their best to pick the videosthat keep the user on the site. 


The longer the average, the higher their test score. Build, test, repeat. A million cycles later, there’s a student bot who’s pretty good at keeping the users watching, at least compared to what a human could build. But when people ask:”How does the NetMeTube algorithm select videos?” Once again, there isn’t a great answer other than pointing to the bot, and the user data it had access to, and most vitally, how the human overseers direct teacher bot to score the test. 


That’s what the bot is trying to be good at to survive. But what the bot is thinking, or how it thinks it,is not really knowable. All that’s knowable is this student botgets to be the algorithm, because it’s point one percent better than the previous bot at the test the humans designed. 


So everywhere on the internet, behind the scenes,there are tests to increase user interaction, or set prices just right to maximize revenue, or pick the posts from all your friends you’ll like the most, or articles people will share the most, or whatever. If it’s testable, it’s teachable. Well, “teachable”, and a student bot will graduate from the warehouse to be the algorithm of its domain. At least, for a little while. 


We’re used to the idea that the tools we use, even if we don’t understand them, someone does, but with our machines that learn we are increasingly in a position where we use tools, or are used by tools, that no one, not even their creators, understand. 


We can only hope to guide them with the tests we make, and we need to get comfortable with that, as our algorithmic bot buddies are all around, and not going anywhere. OK. 


The bots are watching. You know what’s coming. This is where I need to ask you… To like… comment… …and subscribe. And bell me. And share on the TweetBook. The algorithm is watching. It won’t show people the video… unless you do this. Look what you’ve reduced me to, bots. What do you want? Do you want watch time? Is that what you want? Fine. (sigh…) Hey guys, did you know I also have podcasts you can listen to? 


Maybe even just in the background while you’re tidying up your all room for hours? Or whatever? There’s hours of audio entertainment for you, and watch time for the bots overseeing your actions. Go ahead and – and take a click.Entertain yourself. Help me. Help the bots.

How to double your phone’s storage

Today I’m getting to show you ways you’ll double the quantity of flash storage in your phone without having to shop for anything special without breaking your phone or anything like that its actually surprisingly easy and as was common first I’m getting to explain how this is often getting to work then I’ll walk you thru exactly and show you what you’ve got to try to to. 


You see your smart phone uses non-volatile storage for storage and non-volatile storage may be a solid state sort of memory As against a tough drive, for instance, which has moving parts. So this makes non-volatile storage much faster and more durable And it also has some interesting properties that we will cash in of. Now flash storage uses what are called cells. 


And these are basically small units of storage. And you’ll combine as many cells as you would like to offer you more or less storage. So, counting on what proportion storage your phone has, it’ll have a proportional number of cells.


The important thing to understand about non-volatile storage, though, is that every cell nearly always has what are called layers. Now you’ll of heard of the term ‘SLC’ for Single Layer Cell, And ‘MLC’ For Multi Layer Cell, but, basically, adding layers to a cell in non-volatile storage allows you to store more data counting on what percentage layers you add. 


So, for instance, a two layer cell would store twice the maximum amount data as one layer cell. 


And, really, the sole advantage for single layer is that it’s faster. And cellphones typically have multi layer cell memory Because it’s less expensive to supply But here is the thing Most cellphone manufactures don’t actually enable all the layers within the cells they only enable one among the layers therefore the memory may be a bit faster so rather than creating single layer chips right off the bat its actually cheaper for them to make multi layer chips and deactivate half the layers.


So it acts like single layer chips this suggests that half the memory in your phone is left unused a consequence of cheaper manufacturing costs but if we were ready to reactivate these unused cell layers we could multiply the quantity of storage within the phone and there’s how we could do that You see when the manufacturer created the non-volatile storage chip they deactivated the cell layers by simply powering them down so to talk but we will actually power them copy employing a focus electromagnetic field and this may actually provides it just a small little bit of jump start to permanently reactivate each layer so in doing that we will give the phone access to all or any the memory available within the chips.


So that is what I’m getting to show you ways to try to to Ok so now you recognize the fundamentals of what’s happening Your getting to need a couple of things Your phone, in fact Some wire, any will do a couple of battieries Some kind of metal pan? 


And your computer speakers. this is often getting to seem really strange but bare with me i’m getting to explain it all Now before i buy into the tutorial i would like to try to to a fast scientific explanation Of the method for those of you who are intrested And if you do not want to concentrate thereto you’ll skip ahead, I understand But its actually pretty interesting so i like to recommend sticking around.


So let me explain how these cell layers get deactivated and that i will show you ways you’ll reactivate them Now every non-volatile storage cell is formed from a transistor.


And these are connected to something called a contact you do not actually need to understand the specifics its just what’s connecting the various transistors together And counting on the state of the junction its either on or off, one or zero And thats how computers add general. 


Just a bunch of transistors, One or Zero that structure a program But a specific non-volatile storage cell goes to possess several contacts to store enough data But in every cell between the cell layers there’s a special P-N Junction That connects the differant layers of the cell And if we set that junction to Zero or Off That layer within the cell becomes inacessable and its like its not there in the least .


Now the state of a junction whether its on or off is decided by its energy state Above a particular threshhold called the knee voltage. 


it switches on or off so if we were to temporarily get the knee voltage above the threshhold it’ll permanently activate the additional layers connected thereto So that is what were getting to can we are getting to add extra energy into the contact using Electromagnetic Induction.


And physical vibrational Energy To jump-start that contact switch open And reactivate those layers Now enough talk, i’m sure you guys are wanting to start So lets head over and I’ll show you exactly what you would like to try to to Alright so now lets start the primary thing you would like to try to to is to show off your phone but before we do this let me show you what we are working with if it focuses you’ll see we’ve 32GB of memory here and its only about 17GB used So were almost halfway through so hopefully we will double that to 64GB if this works So then you’ll plow ahead, and switch off your phone. therefore the next thing we’d like to try to to is create an coil round the phone So what you would like to try to to is take these 2 batteries and also get the wire And put the batteries on the brink of the phone, probably behind it. 


Then we’re just getting to rap the wire, i’m just using an coaxial cable round the phone, and secure the batteries to the phone As best you’ll So it’s going to be quite picky but we got them centered pretty good, and just wrap that around enough until it’s really secure and that they aren’t getting to go anywhere *phone wrapping around wire* Its working pretty good then you’ll just either tuck the wire into itself.


So it dosn’t go anywhere otherwise you could use some tape or something like that that appears pretty secure the batteries are right there and that we have this, oh, the phone turned back on So you would like to form bound to tun it backtrack again if you get the prospect So when your ding it just confirm That they cable doesn’t depress on the facility button and switch it back on. 


And also you almost certainly want to possess a case on here therefore the batteries don’t scratch the rear or even put sort of a tissue in between the batteries and therefore the phone or something like that Just use sense Ok so when it’s all bound up nice Then ready to”>you’ll plow ahead and obtain your pan And this is often getting to allow us to amplify the E-M Field to a high enough strength And again i might reccomand putting something within their so it doesn’t scratch the phone of anything it’s not getting to effect the method then it’s like that.


So immediately believe it or not with this wire wrapped around it and therefore the batteries There actually is an Electromagnetic Field being generated From the batteries round the coil and being applied to the phone But it’s not enough to truly kick starter those extra  layers Into activation So we’d like to try to to a touch bit more. 


Once you’ve got all this next you would like to travel ahead and obtain your speaker for your computer And just put it right top of the phone directly down thereon And yes the speaker has got to be attached to the pc for what were getting to do next So what you would like to try to to is attend your computer and just find any sound file Dosn’t matter what it’s you only want tobe able to confirm you only”>that you simply can catch on really loud for instance i’m getting to play a  300 hertz sign wave right onto the phone. 


And as i discussed in the scientific explanation that’s getting to add a touch bit extra energy additionally of the E-M Field And kick starter those extra layers open So now you just want to play the sound file for about 15 seconds About as loud as you’ll *Loud Beep Start* And a bit like i’m now if you’ve got to you’ll let it choose about 30 seconds But 15 should be enough *Loud Beep End* So then in fact you’ll take the speaker off then just let the phone sit like that for maybe about 5 minutes just a touch while.


And this is often just to form sure all the cell layers have an opportunity to activate after you energize them And now we will plow ahead and unravel this And see if it worked beginning to turn back on again but that’s okay at now Alright so there you’ve got it we now have 64 GB of storage Double what it had been before far more available space.


Now If it’s a touch bit less it probably just means not all the cells were activated But still worked as you’ll see here Alright so thats it your telephone storage should be double what it had been before and if it didnt quite double, just a touch bit less It could mean you only need to let it go a touch bit longer Or it could mean that a number of the layers couldn’t be activated And this could work on any sort of cellphone iPhone or Android all of them use an equivalent sort of memory And it’s actually possible that it’ll quite double the storage If there are quite two extra layers within the phone storage So i hope this worked for you guys, if it did allow us to know down within the comments section how well it worked Did you get double or maybe more possibly? 


Information about one plus Nord AR new phone

Competition is increasing in every global mobile companies. A series of new mobiles are being launched every two to four months. These mobiles are made from cheap to cheap and best to best.
As we want to tell you that recently one plus one latest mobile model one plus nord is launched in India at the end of July 2020.
The full name of this mobile is one plus nord ar which works on AR technology. Many people did hands on test before launch.
You can also download one plus nord app on Google Playstore. Follow all permission.
The fun of this app can be seen on the evening of 31 July. But know that everyone will follow the instructions given.
When any mobile phones, laptops or digit bikes with modern and modern technology or any modern equipment are launched in the market.

The price of one plus is not much information, it can be priced between 25000 to 30000. It will be sold in India for less than $ 500.

Talking about the battery capacity of one plus nord, the battery of 4115 mah will last for a long time. The important thing about this battery is that it will last longer at low consumption.
The discharge will also be less and the charge will be quicker. Because the 30 watt charger is capable of full charge in the half hour. The cable of this charger is USB type C port. For yourself. The quality of this phone is inherited. The future will prove solid later.

With its superior performance, the OnePlus nord AR has a super fast processor inbuild of 765G Snapdragon chipset. The mobile phone of this model has a tremendous quad camera. It has a 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 sensor. The camera quality is very good through this state-of-the-art sensor with f / 1.75 lens. I also have optical image stabilization + electronic image stabilization supporter. The camera has 119 field-of-view with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens, f / 2.4 aperture with a 5-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor unit. Fitting in the side, one will feel like shooting a photo again and again. Catching a photo remotely can also be taken through a very clear digital medium. A phone with a camera you may not have seen yet. One plus You can not forget the selfie camera of nord. The original picture will be painted after taking selfie.

One plus Nord AR The model LPDDR4X has been added to the RAM of the new phone. 128 GB storage will be available in 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage in 12 GB RAM. For connectivity, it includes Wi-Fi 2X2 MIMO, Bluetooth v5.1, NFC latest devices.
This phone also has face lock and finger lock is set on the display.

SoC of this phone can be combined with the OxygenOS 10 operating system based on Android 10, which will help in operating the program very fast.
This new phone has also been launched for gaming, which will operate big games like pubg in the simplest way.
You will be able to adjust the color vision to keep your eyes cool.

The battery life of this phone can be used up to 30 hours.
There are many possibilities of this phone coming in many variant colors like white, black and blue.



How to find Potential Customers

How to Find Potential Customers – Keyword and Market Research Software – 


Hi and welcome to this blog.

I mean, isn’t that why we’re here on the internet creating businesses to bring in income to make things easier for ourselves recently on a webinar I asked is there anybody out there that just wants to spin their wheels that just wants to throw more money away.


That just wants to waste their time and the answer obviously Was an echoing ly silent. No nobody’s like that everybody wants to get further ahead And that’s why we created data. 


Geo. Let me tell you what the product is. 


It’s a market research tool That is absolutely the most powerful thing that has ever been released on the Internet What does it do imagine if you could pinpoint with absolute accuracy the ideal audience for any? 


Product I’m talking any product It doesn’t matter whether it’s a t-shirt a coffee cup a wine glass a software program business consulting coaching.


Anything at all if you could put that product in front of the audience that was ready to receive it Do you think that you would be able to make sales if you had a product that was all about digital photography? And you could put it exactly in front of the people that will interest it in that subject Do you think that you’d be targeting the right audience? 


Absolutely now. Let me ask you another question and this is an important one What do you think knowing that information would be worth to you? 


Let me give you an idea? What if you knew? where they lived How old they were how much they earn what if you what if you knew? What they were interested in what if you knew what they were searching for what if you knew?


What social groups they hung out in what if you knew what YouTube channels they subscribe to what if you knew that? Information would that be a massive value to you I can tell you it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars Imagine if you could go to absolutely any product you could pick up a product on Clickbank on jvzoo on 


Amazon on Anywhere that there is products available you might have your own and you can take that product and you could know exactly who the audience is and where to find them and not only that How to reach them in the best possible way could you put a dollar figure on that for me? 


Could you think about that seriously and just think what if you could grab any product that was out there and within seconds know exactly who the right audience for that product was What if you could pinpoint the ads that they? 


Responded to what if you knew what phrases they were typing in and what if you knew how to reach them would that be a Massive value to you on a webinar recently we asked this question What would it be worth and we got answers tens of thousands of dollars? 


Jundreds of Thousands of dollars in our lifetime and the sky’s the limit they were the kind of responses we were getting and I believe that’s true Because if you know where to find the audience for any product how many of those could you go out? Set up a campaign with the best chances of success, and that’s why we created the data Geo product.


There’s a full walkthrough further down the page and I invite you to have a look we picked a random product and Found the audience for that product in seconds not only that we found how to reach them and how to put the ads in front of in the best possible way as Dan Kennedy the the world’s best-selling author on marketing said in his book the ultimate marketing plan he talks about the Message media Triangle and what he says is Marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right audience. 


Using the right media get the right message in front of the right audience using the right meter that’s how to make sales get the right message in front of the people who are Responsive using the right format and boom you’ve got yourself a success story now again. What’s that worth to you? 


No matter what you’re doing online right now if you could look and see exactly who your best customers would be and how to reach them and What were ads what format of ads they respond to best could you put a dollar figure on that because I’m thinking it’s worth thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars when we created this product it was a direct result of one of the best in the industry saying to me the most important thing about making sales is understanding your customer the most important thing about making sales is Understanding your customer if you know where they live what they look for what? 


They’re interested in what hobbies they have what problems they have where they hang out what they respond to if you knew that? 


Information you could take any product That’s out there and be successful with a marketing campaign of that product So that’s why we created data Geo because all of that information is out there But putting it together is a nightmare it takes ages and in fact That’s why we created it because we want a better result and we wanted them faster welcome to data geo.


Please have a look through the details on this page and I want to ask you one last question before you go and look through data geo for yourself as Robert Frost said how many things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? 


How much would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail if you knew that you could go and grab a product any product and Find the best audience for that product, and you could have the best chances of a positive result How many times would you be able to multiply your business? Welcome to data geo. 


That’s what we’ve created for you, and I’m so thrilled to see you here as I said There’s a full walkthrough below There’s testimonials and case studies of people that have been using the product and I want you to make an informed decision So walk through this page because it’s here for you We’ve created this special offer as a crazy Pricing on this just for this launch time and you’re invited to check this out right now. What if you knew? 


Let me know what you think about this.

How to launch a Business

Hey guys, this Article I’m getting to share with you the only most vital… 


Thing that you simply must do before launching your new business idea. Yes, before you come up with names, before branding, before website design, before you get professional photographs. 


There’s one painfully simple yet often ignored 10-minute exercise that you simply can do this will drastically (I mean DRASTICALLY) improve your odds of success. I call this exercise Finding Your Hot Niche. And during this article I’m getting to show you how to do exactly that. 


That you simply can print off and use to rank every single one among your new business ideas on day ZERO. Before you waste all that point and money on business ideas that just won’t stick. 


Okay, so tell me if this has ever happened to you. You come up with a replacement business idea… maybe it’s for a physical product, a service,a book, an event, a web course, a consulting firm, a training program. 


And you spend all this point brainstorming,coming up with catchy names and titles, planning out the social media, writing the content,and then just before you’re close to launch… You’re on Google or Instagram and you find someone who’s doing literally the precise same thing that you simply just came up with, totally all on your own. 


And now you’re discouraged, you’re bummed,you’re filled with self doubt. or maybe worse, maybe you found yourself in this scenario… that you’ve got already done all of that, and you have started investing more than just time… But actual money into your business. 


Maybe you’ve paid a designer, a dev guy to build your website, maybe you’ve gotten professional photos done, or you’ve hired a copywriter,maybe you’ve even started investing some actual marketing dollars into your new product orservice to urge eyeballs to your site… 


and no-one is seeing it, and nobody’s buying it. Now what? This went on to me countless times. I’m sure it’s happened to you. If this went on to you, and you have found yourself in anybody of those scenarios, comment below, let me skills crappy it had been and what your biggest learning lesson was. 


But please know you’re not alone. I ask clients all the time who have done this. Because, let’s be honest, a replacement business idea is like falling crazy for the primary time. 


You’re irrational, you’re emotionally attached, and you spend all this point investing into this new idea. And then, he decides to ask somebody else tothe highschool dance, and you are like… what the heck. 


Then you finish up being an enormous ‘ol hot mess. the great news is you’ll avoid all of thatin your business, and it starts by Establishing a market/offer fit. the higher the fit, the warmer the niche. And trust me, once you get that established,everything is such a lot easier! So thereupon, here are my 4 steps to findinga hot niche. Step no 


  1. Determine the precise person your new businessidea is chatting with. This really answers the “who” questionin marketing. Who is your audience? Are you lecture one person? Are you lecture a general audience? a touch hint there, the more specific, thebetter. 


Step 2. Identify the core problem your business solves. This answers the “what” question. What pain point or problem does your product or service solve for the precise person you named in step 1? Now, likelihood is that your product or service might solve an entire bunch of problems, but this step is all about boiling it right down to the 1core problem. 


Step number 3. Specify the singular advantage of what you are offering. This answers the “why” question in marketing. Why would your customers buy from you, instead of your competition? Is your benefit something that only you candeliver, or is it found elsewhere? 


Step number 4. Deliver a singular solution. This answers the “how” question. How is your product or service delivered? consider the format, the technology, the mechanism,the medium. Is your product delivered during a unique way? Or can it’s found by anyone, everywhere? So once you answer those 4 questions, youshould be ready to fill within the blanks of this sentence. 


My business helps “specific person” with“core problem” achieve “singular benefit” through “unique solution”. Okay now that you simply have your business written out in black and white… 


How does one know if it’s a Hot Niche, a Hot Product, a Hot Hook, or simply a Hot Mess? That’s where this may are available handy. i exploit this all the time and that i created it specifically for entrepreneurs such as you to rank their new business ideas on day 0 before you spend aton of your time and money investing in a thought that just won’t fly. 


With the Market Map, you’ll get a guide that’ll walk you thru each business idea category… Including pros, cons, positioning tips, and where you ought to be focusing some time and a spotlight to urge these business ideas off the bottom.