How to Get Free Traffic

So you began an expert blog, composed your first blog article also, and afterward you hit distribute button trusting that several blog guests will visit your blog and begin perusing your new blog entry. 


In any case, tragically, that is not how it occurs. Hello advanced students, Alright! Presently we should figure out how to get free blog traffic to your new blog. At the point when I began my first blog, I resembled ifI make it, they’ll come and read it. However, that is not how it works. 


At that point, I began looking in Google and went over numerous articles proposing to concentrate on composing SEO upgraded articles with legitimate watchword research. Furthermore, you recognize what, SEO was the most fear fulword for me as a tenderfoot. In the event that you are a finished novice, let me reveal to you learning Search Engine Optimization requires some investment and despite the fact that SEO is the most financially savvy approach to direct people to the new blog, it’s additionally significant that SEO will require some investment. 


You can’t simply make and distribute a couple of watchword focused on articles and begin planning to get free blog traffic quick. There are factors like space age and area authority that assume a vital job. All things considered, that is an alternate story for some other day, yet at the present time, I’m going to show you how to get free blog traffic to another blog without SEO. 


The #1 tip I have for you that will in a split second assist you with getting free blog traffic to the new blog is: Start utilizing your online networking nearness. With regards to internet based life, the vast majority start with Facebook fan pages. Be that as it may, don’t do that. Rather, I would prescribe you to begin with a Facebook gathering. The motivation behind why I suggest Facebook bunches over Facebook fan pages is: 


The natural reach of Facebook pages is diminishing which means regardless of whether you have a large number of fans and supporters, in the event that you post something on your Facebook page: it will scarcely be found in the news channel of two or three hundred individuals. Facebook has changed its calculations on numerous occasions making it harder for advertisers to contact their crowd without paying for Facebookads. 


Notwithstanding, as referenced in the F8 occasion, Facebook is at present concentrating on putting bunches first. So Facebook bunches are the future and I would enthusiastically prescribe you to make a sound gathering with significant discussions. When you do that, you can begin advancing your new blog entry to drive free natural traffic to your new blog. 


What’s more, on the off chance that you would prefer not to make your own, you can utilize as of now made other Facebook bunches too. Join other Facebook bunches that have drawn in individuals, take an interest in conversations, and manufacture your own image. 


One of the benefits of effectively liking,commenting, and beginning discussions in these gatherings is: you get free presentation to a huge number of individuals without you assembling a group of people without any preparation. 


Furthermore, the best thing is: a few gatherings likewise permit you to advance your blog entry once per week on explicit blog advancement day. That is the means by which you can get free blog traffic from Facebook, yet for what reason to stop there, you may use other social stages also – you have Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn – just to give some examples. 


The second Tip that will assist you with getting free blog traffic quick is: Start blog remarking. In the event that you don’t have any acquaintance with it, blog remarking is essentially visiting different online journals in your blogging specialty and leaving a significant blog remark. You can scan for online journals identified with your blogging specialty in Google or utilize free apparatuses like DropMyLink to discover sites where you may begin remarking. Be that as it may, don’t simply leave joke blog commentlike “Hello this was an extraordinary article,” in the event that you do that, your blog remark will never get endorsed. 


Along these lines, all your work goes squandered. In this way, your need ought to leave an important remark that flashes discussion. 


In the event that your blog remark is great and includes esteem, that won’t just assist you with getting free blog traffic yet in addition make a genuine association with different bloggers. Furthermore, you realize what’s more energizing than that? You’ll get free backlinks that will in the long run help your blog’s pursuit rankings also. Along these lines, it’s totally a success win for you. 


What’s more, since we are discussing associations, 


this carries me to tip #3 which is the last one. The last tip that will assist you with getting all the more free blog traffic is: use influencer advertising to get huge amounts of free blog traffic. So what is influencer promoting? Influencer advertising is a type of showcasing where you use the influencers or key pioneers in your industry to elevate your blog to a considerably bigger crowd. 


It is otherwise called Blogger outreach. So how would you use influencer advertising to drive free blog traffic to another blog? Let me disclose to you how I’ll do it. I’ll make a work of art of the article refering to different influencers and bloggers in my specialty as an asset and connection out to their article to help my exploration and focuses. When the article is distributed, I’ll discover the contact data of every one of those bloggers or influencers whom I connected out in my article. 


At that point, I’ll connect with them by sending 


an email this way: Hey {Blogger first name}, I simply read your blog entry about {how to get free Blog traffic to another blog}, and I should state, it was a stunning bit of article as it helped me learn: 


  1. [how to utilize Facebook to drive free traffic to another blog] 2. [how to utilize blog remarking to drive free blog traffic] 3. Instructions to utilize influencer promoting to get free blog traffic quick Awesome! I truly welcome the astonishing work you have been doing. Also, truth be told, this article was so stunning thatI couldn’t prevent myself from imparting it to my blog perusers. 


I have referenced you in one of my ongoing blog entries here: {Your blog article URL} Would you mind on the off chance that I request that you look at it and offer it with your fans and adherents? On the off chance that you share it, I’ll be profoundly thankful for your caring demonstration. 


If not, I’ll despite everything value your work,no hard sentiments. Much appreciated! Respects, Rahul When you’ll send this email to different bloggers or influencers in your blogging specialty, they’ll happily impart your substance to a huge number of their adherents. Not every one of them will share, yet regardless of whether some of them will do it, this will in the long run bring huge amounts of free blog traffic to your new blog extremely quick. What’s more, incidentally, remember to send them a thank you message when they share it. 


That way you’ll be on your imprint to building up a relationship with those bloggers and influencers which may support later also. All things considered, that is about how to get free blog traffic to another blog. These traffic-driving methodologies are powerful to such an extent that you can begin driving free traffic to your blog without SEO. 


Be that as it may, pause, as I guaranteed… … And on the off chance that you continue watching this video until the end, you’ll additionally come to think about a little mystery technique to begin bringing in cash from your blog without hanging tight for huge amounts of blog traffic. 


So here comes the best part: If you use show promotions like Google AdSense to adapt your blog traffic, you’ll need in any event hundreds or even a huge number of blog guests to perceive any impressive blog salary. 


So instead of depending in plain view advertisements, begin advancing profoundly gainful subsidiary items to begin bringing in cash from your blog without hanging tight for huge amounts of blog traffic.

Backend Development Works

We’re going to talk about the top five programming languages to learn for getting a job at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Etc so the obvious question here might be Does it really matter which languages you learn if you’re trying to get a job at one of these companies. 


My answer would be yes It does but not directly What I mean by that is when you have a job interview with one of these companies as a software engineer Candidate the most important thing. 


They’ll usually look for is not what specific language or technology you’ve been using Instead they tend to look for mostly your coding skills your problem-solving ability and your data structures and algorithms knowledge. 


So you might say wait YK so it doesn’t really matter which languages i learn then, my answer to that would be Actually it still matters a lot. I’m going to explain my reasoning behind that in this video. 


Okay, so if these large companies don’t care that much about which languages.


You know then why does it matter at all which languages you learn if you want to get a job at one of these companies There are three reasons for this Reason number one when you apply for a job at one of these big companies. 


How do you think they will decide if they should invite you for a job interview? 


Of course there are a few different aspects to this for example your education your personal projects and so on but the biggest factor. 


Is usually your work experience and how do you get the experience in the first place? Probably at smaller less known companies 


Reason first :  and Actually smaller companies and startups tend to care more about which specific language or technology.


You know so for example a small start-up might say we need someone who can help us create an iOS app tomorrow or We need someone who knows JavaScript really well by next month so depending on which languages you know it’ll actually be easier or harder for you to get a job at one of these smaller companies and 


Reason number Two :  I think you should learn a programming language that aligns with your interests, so you have more motivation and reason for learning So for example if you’re interested in learning to make an iPhone app you should probably learn Swift and if you’re interested in data science machine learning or science.


In general Python might be a good choice for you reason number three some programming languages are simply easier to learn than some other ones. 


For example I would say JavaScript is easier to learn than Java and Python Is easier to learn than C++. So based on that I decided to use the job market and ease of learning as the two main criteria For making my list of top 5 programming languages to learn. 


Ok so here’s my list number


 5 Ruby Ruby : is a programming language from Japan it became Popular due to the popularity of something called Ruby on Rails and Ruby on Rails was at some point I would say the hottest.


Four :  for building websites although it’s not as popular as it used to be anymore Still a lot of companies use Ruby on Rails today and Ruby is a really simple and easy language to learn number four swift Swift is now the primary language for building an iOS app whether it’s for iPhone or iPad if you have the skill it should be fairly easy for you to get a job since many companies want to build iOS apps. 


I haven’t used this language extensively myself But it seems like a fairly simple and easy language to learn, the only downside of Swift is that it’s not really cross-platform Meaning, it’s not easy to create an iOS app with Swift if you don’t have a Mac.


Number  three : Java Java is probably one of the most widely used programming languages today You can use Java to build many things including Android apps Many companies use Java frameworks to create websites as well Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest language to learn since it’s a bit more complex than the other languages in this list 


Number two: Python Python is also a very popular programming language at least.


In North America and Many companies use it to create websites with frameworks like Django and flask This is probably the language of your choice if you’re interested in things like data science machine learning or science in general it’s also one of the main languages used at Google, so it’s popular at both large companies and smaller companies and 


Number one : Javascript javascript used to be a language that only ran on your browser Whether it’s Chrome Firefox or Safari But recently people started using it to create back-end code meaning the code that runs on your servers Not just front-end code meaning the code that runs on your device. 


Whether it’s a phone or a laptop Javascript is a great language to learn for getting a job And it’s also fairly simple and easy to learn now if you’re just getting started with programming I’d recommend that you start with either Python or JavaScript.


And I think your optimal choice here mostly depends on your interests For example if you’re interested in UI or user experience design. 


Then JavaScript is probably the way to go. If you’re more into logic machine learning or science in general Python might be the right choice for you. 


Now I have three more languages for honorable mentions But I have a quick announcement to make I’ve just launched my patreon page where you can chip in a few dollars to join a private Facebook group and a private monthly live Stream where you can ask me any questions. 


I’d much appreciate it if you can head over to to support my channel, so here’s my honorable mention number one. Go, which is also known as go lang This language was originally developed at Google, but it’s used extensively in many companies today Go is known for its efficiency, and it’s simple syntax. 


And it’s actually becoming one of the most popular programming languages today So if you’re looking to add a language to your skill set this is the first language I’d definitely consider Honorable mention number two Kotlin – Kotlin is a relatively new language. 


And it works in both a Java based environment and a JavaScript based environment Kotlin was recently Officially supported by Android so it’s possible that Kotlin will become the primary language for developing Android apps in the future honorable mention number three SQL with some people pronounce as S.Q.L. 


If you search for what programming language to learn you might run across on an article or two that mention SQL But if you’re beginner it might be confusing because SQL is different from all the other languages that we talked about in this video SQL or S.Q.L. is a programming language that solely focused on managing databases It’s usually used in conjunction with one of the other languages. 


So learning SQL as your first programming language is probably not the best idea and in my opinion It’s not that easy to learn SQL without having some real-life data to play with.


What is Java?

Before we introduce the Java Platform how about answering a very basic question What is a PC? 


Take your time The dictionary definition of computer is that it is an electronic device capable of performing computations It has many peripherals like a monitor and keyboard to accept or display data to users and memory to store information But the heart of the computer is its processor which does all the thinking for the computer? 


Coming back to our definition of computer you may have noticed the key word electronic Thinking of it if a computer is an electronic device. How can it understand and display text? 


images [videos] and other Rich media information Well a computer understands only electronic signals where a 5 volt current represents a binary 1 and a 0 volt current represents a binary 0 Your PC is continually bombarded with these electronic pulses which it interprets 8 bits of such signals are grouped together and text Numerical and symbols are identified by unique patterns of these 8 electric pulses for example the pound symbol is represented by the pattern 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 instruction to add two numbers is represented by Pattern 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 .


This is 8-bit computing Current day processors are capable of understanding and decoding 64 bits at a time Suppose you are asked to write a program to add two numbers say add one with two Assembly language is the most elementary form of software development languages? 


Your code to add two numbers in this [language] would look like store number [one] at Memory location say A store number two at Memory locations say B add contents of location a and B store results. 


The way you feed this code to the processor would depend on the PC. You are using Back in the 50s when computers were huge and consumed a great deal of power you would convert your assembly language code into corresponding machine code of ones and zeros using mapping sheets and Punch the machine code into punch cards and then feed those punch cards to the computer. 


With advancement in technology I/o devices were invented you could directly type the program into the PC using a program called Assembler Converted into corresponding machine code and feed that to your processor That apart you will also have to make calls to operating systems providing functions to display the output of code With advancement in software development languages this entire assembly code could be shrinked into just one line printf 1 + 2 A software called compiler is used to convert your C language code into assembly code and the Assembler converts it into corresponding machine code. 


Though Present-day compilers come bundled with assembler they can directly convert your higher language code into machine codes Now suppose windows operating system is running on this intel processor Combination of operating system plus the processor is called the platform The most common platform in the world is the windows and intel called the wintel platform the other popular platforms are amd and Linux power PC and Mac os x Now with change in processors the Assembly instructions will change For example the add instruction in intel may be called addition for amd or math add for PowerPC and Obviously with change in operating system the level and nature os level call. 


We’ll also change as A developer I want my software program to work on all platforms available to maximize my revenues. 


So I would have to buy separate compilers which convert my printf command into the native machine code But compilers come expensive and there’s a chance of compatibility issues Enter Java language the code to display addition of two numbers is system. 


Dot out dot printIn 1+2 saved as a dot Java file Using the Java compiler the code is converted into a intermediate code called the bytecode The outcome is a dot class file This code is not understood by any platform, but only a virtual platform called the Java virtual machine. 


This virtual machine resides in the ram of your operating system when the virtual machine is fed with this bytecode [it] identifies the platform it is working on and Converts the bytecode into the native machine code in fact while working on your PC Or browsing a web whenever you see either of these icons be assured the Java virtual machine is loaded in your RAM. 

But what makes Java lucrative is that code once compiled can run not only on all PC platforms? 


But also Mobile’s or other electronic gadgets supporting Java Hence Java is a language as well as a platform

How to find Potential Customers

How to Find Potential Customers – Keyword and Market Research Software – 


Hi and welcome to this blog.

I mean, isn’t that why we’re here on the internet creating businesses to bring in income to make things easier for ourselves recently on a webinar I asked is there anybody out there that just wants to spin their wheels that just wants to throw more money away.


That just wants to waste their time and the answer obviously Was an echoing ly silent. No nobody’s like that everybody wants to get further ahead And that’s why we created data. 


Geo. Let me tell you what the product is. 


It’s a market research tool That is absolutely the most powerful thing that has ever been released on the Internet What does it do imagine if you could pinpoint with absolute accuracy the ideal audience for any? 


Product I’m talking any product It doesn’t matter whether it’s a t-shirt a coffee cup a wine glass a software program business consulting coaching.


Anything at all if you could put that product in front of the audience that was ready to receive it Do you think that you would be able to make sales if you had a product that was all about digital photography? And you could put it exactly in front of the people that will interest it in that subject Do you think that you’d be targeting the right audience? 


Absolutely now. Let me ask you another question and this is an important one What do you think knowing that information would be worth to you? 


Let me give you an idea? What if you knew? where they lived How old they were how much they earn what if you what if you knew? What they were interested in what if you knew what they were searching for what if you knew?


What social groups they hung out in what if you knew what YouTube channels they subscribe to what if you knew that? Information would that be a massive value to you I can tell you it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars Imagine if you could go to absolutely any product you could pick up a product on Clickbank on jvzoo on 


Amazon on Anywhere that there is products available you might have your own and you can take that product and you could know exactly who the audience is and where to find them and not only that How to reach them in the best possible way could you put a dollar figure on that for me? 


Could you think about that seriously and just think what if you could grab any product that was out there and within seconds know exactly who the right audience for that product was What if you could pinpoint the ads that they? 


Responded to what if you knew what phrases they were typing in and what if you knew how to reach them would that be a Massive value to you on a webinar recently we asked this question What would it be worth and we got answers tens of thousands of dollars? 


Jundreds of Thousands of dollars in our lifetime and the sky’s the limit they were the kind of responses we were getting and I believe that’s true Because if you know where to find the audience for any product how many of those could you go out? Set up a campaign with the best chances of success, and that’s why we created the data Geo product.


There’s a full walkthrough further down the page and I invite you to have a look we picked a random product and Found the audience for that product in seconds not only that we found how to reach them and how to put the ads in front of in the best possible way as Dan Kennedy the the world’s best-selling author on marketing said in his book the ultimate marketing plan he talks about the Message media Triangle and what he says is Marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right audience. 


Using the right media get the right message in front of the right audience using the right meter that’s how to make sales get the right message in front of the people who are Responsive using the right format and boom you’ve got yourself a success story now again. What’s that worth to you? 


No matter what you’re doing online right now if you could look and see exactly who your best customers would be and how to reach them and What were ads what format of ads they respond to best could you put a dollar figure on that because I’m thinking it’s worth thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars when we created this product it was a direct result of one of the best in the industry saying to me the most important thing about making sales is understanding your customer the most important thing about making sales is Understanding your customer if you know where they live what they look for what? 


They’re interested in what hobbies they have what problems they have where they hang out what they respond to if you knew that? 


Information you could take any product That’s out there and be successful with a marketing campaign of that product So that’s why we created data Geo because all of that information is out there But putting it together is a nightmare it takes ages and in fact That’s why we created it because we want a better result and we wanted them faster welcome to data geo.


Please have a look through the details on this page and I want to ask you one last question before you go and look through data geo for yourself as Robert Frost said how many things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? 


How much would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail if you knew that you could go and grab a product any product and Find the best audience for that product, and you could have the best chances of a positive result How many times would you be able to multiply your business? Welcome to data geo. 


That’s what we’ve created for you, and I’m so thrilled to see you here as I said There’s a full walkthrough below There’s testimonials and case studies of people that have been using the product and I want you to make an informed decision So walk through this page because it’s here for you We’ve created this special offer as a crazy Pricing on this just for this launch time and you’re invited to check this out right now. What if you knew? 


Let me know what you think about this.

How to launch a Business

Hey guys, this Article I’m getting to share with you the only most vital… 


Thing that you simply must do before launching your new business idea. Yes, before you come up with names, before branding, before website design, before you get professional photographs. 


There’s one painfully simple yet often ignored 10-minute exercise that you simply can do this will drastically (I mean DRASTICALLY) improve your odds of success. I call this exercise Finding Your Hot Niche. And during this article I’m getting to show you how to do exactly that. 


That you simply can print off and use to rank every single one among your new business ideas on day ZERO. Before you waste all that point and money on business ideas that just won’t stick. 


Okay, so tell me if this has ever happened to you. You come up with a replacement business idea… maybe it’s for a physical product, a service,a book, an event, a web course, a consulting firm, a training program. 


And you spend all this point brainstorming,coming up with catchy names and titles, planning out the social media, writing the content,and then just before you’re close to launch… You’re on Google or Instagram and you find someone who’s doing literally the precise same thing that you simply just came up with, totally all on your own. 


And now you’re discouraged, you’re bummed,you’re filled with self doubt. or maybe worse, maybe you found yourself in this scenario… that you’ve got already done all of that, and you have started investing more than just time… But actual money into your business. 


Maybe you’ve paid a designer, a dev guy to build your website, maybe you’ve gotten professional photos done, or you’ve hired a copywriter,maybe you’ve even started investing some actual marketing dollars into your new product orservice to urge eyeballs to your site… 


and no-one is seeing it, and nobody’s buying it. Now what? This went on to me countless times. I’m sure it’s happened to you. If this went on to you, and you have found yourself in anybody of those scenarios, comment below, let me skills crappy it had been and what your biggest learning lesson was. 


But please know you’re not alone. I ask clients all the time who have done this. Because, let’s be honest, a replacement business idea is like falling crazy for the primary time. 


You’re irrational, you’re emotionally attached, and you spend all this point investing into this new idea. And then, he decides to ask somebody else tothe highschool dance, and you are like… what the heck. 


Then you finish up being an enormous ‘ol hot mess. the great news is you’ll avoid all of thatin your business, and it starts by Establishing a market/offer fit. the higher the fit, the warmer the niche. And trust me, once you get that established,everything is such a lot easier! So thereupon, here are my 4 steps to findinga hot niche. Step no 


  1. Determine the precise person your new businessidea is chatting with. This really answers the “who” questionin marketing. Who is your audience? Are you lecture one person? Are you lecture a general audience? a touch hint there, the more specific, thebetter. 


Step 2. Identify the core problem your business solves. This answers the “what” question. What pain point or problem does your product or service solve for the precise person you named in step 1? Now, likelihood is that your product or service might solve an entire bunch of problems, but this step is all about boiling it right down to the 1core problem. 


Step number 3. Specify the singular advantage of what you are offering. This answers the “why” question in marketing. Why would your customers buy from you, instead of your competition? Is your benefit something that only you candeliver, or is it found elsewhere? 


Step number 4. Deliver a singular solution. This answers the “how” question. How is your product or service delivered? consider the format, the technology, the mechanism,the medium. Is your product delivered during a unique way? Or can it’s found by anyone, everywhere? So once you answer those 4 questions, youshould be ready to fill within the blanks of this sentence. 


My business helps “specific person” with“core problem” achieve “singular benefit” through “unique solution”. Okay now that you simply have your business written out in black and white… 


How does one know if it’s a Hot Niche, a Hot Product, a Hot Hook, or simply a Hot Mess? That’s where this may are available handy. i exploit this all the time and that i created it specifically for entrepreneurs such as you to rank their new business ideas on day 0 before you spend aton of your time and money investing in a thought that just won’t fly. 


With the Market Map, you’ll get a guide that’ll walk you thru each business idea category… Including pros, cons, positioning tips, and where you ought to be focusing some time and a spotlight to urge these business ideas off the bottom. 

How to Increase AdSense CPC

I wanted to write an article and show you how you can increase your revenue with Google Adsense so I’ll show you five steps that you can use on your website today to increase your revenue


First thing is having relevant content so having good content will help generate better ads because Google’s algorithm for Adsense uses the content around it and where the person has been navigating to on the Internet to decide what to show the user so having really relevant content and really engaging content on your website will help find the best ads that will you know generate more clicks of your users.


So make sure that you start out having good content on your website and having a good website that people want to go to and this alone can help increase your Google Adsense revenue just by having you know getting more traffic from having good content so the next thing is one of the basics and it’s having your ads above the fold so ATF if you’ve ever seen this before stands for above the fold so what does that mean we’ll think about it website here’s a web page now when you’re looking at a web page on your browser there’s a point where it stops where you’ll have to scroll down more so if you think of it like a book page this would be above the fold where the fold is on the website so having your ads as many ads as possible without ruining the user experience you want to have as many ads as possible above the fold so that when someone lands on your page they will see those ads first and the higher view ability that in a sense had Adsense ad has the more I’ll get clicked on it’s in front of the people’s eyes they can see it more so if you have you know your web page and all your ads are you knowdown here or at the bottom it’s more likely that less people are gonna see that.


Because you know when they land on the page it’s not right there for the mass if so make sure that you are having you’re putting your ads above the fold it’s okay to have ads under the fold you just want to make sure that you have some prominent ads that are above the fold when you know someone reaches yoursite and that brings me to the next one and it’s maximizing the number of ads soit used to be that you could only have a maximum of three Adsense ads on your website unless you’re a premium publisher which which we were and you could have up to five ads on your website but now they remove that policy altogether and they just recommend having a good amount of ads for a good user experience so if you have a really large page.


It’s okay to put you knoweight ads on there if you know really long and you can spread out that content and spread out the ads and break it up into you know nice chunks where it’s not just overloading the user with ads this will maximize the amount of clips that you can get as well because there’s more chances for someone to click on more ads.


I mean pretty pretty simple stuff so the next one is the color so the color and the design of the ad is super important and it can be different for for many websites it depends on you know the color scheme of your website and all that but you want your ads to be able to stick out there’s a thing called ad blindness and that’s where people are starting to get more blind to ads..


Because you know they’re used to seeing them so they kind of shut that out of their brain there when they were looking at your website so having ads that stick out maybe using you know a different color than the color of your website or maybe one of your alternating colors something that makes it stand out more than just using plain old you knowblack or the blue that the default blue that comes with Adsense so make sure your ads have color and that they’re there you know adjacent to the colors of your website and that will you know make them stick out more so another one and the last one is super important now and it’s optimizing your site and your Google Adsense for mobile so as many of you know mobile now is is two out of three every every people are looking at theInternet on their mobile device so it’s highly likely that if you run a website that you’re gonna be getting a lot more mobile users than desktop users so you want to make sure that you are optimizing your ads for the mobile users as well now.


Adsense now has responsive ads that shrink and grow depending on the device that the person is coming from but you also want to look at the general layout of your site and the UI to know you know a better places to put your ads for example you still want to use above-the-fold ads ondevice.


I’ll just be smaller so that the fold will be smaller so you know may behave an ad like right up at the top or you know right up at the bottom where people will be you know using the buttons and scrolling on their on their cell phone these type of places are great places to put ads on a mobile website now as far as types of ads we find that using text ads only are muchmore have a higher click-through rate but they produce less CPC and opposite with image ads they are clicked less but you’ll get a lot higher CPC they say it’s best to just use both and let Google’s algorithm figure out what works best best on your website but this is another option that you want to look at a little extra tip you want to check that out and see what’s working better on your site and if it’s text then maybe you should be using more text ads ifit’s images you should be using more image ads so these are just five super simple steps that you can do to to increase your your Adsense revenue so if you’re looking to increase the CTR of CPC just implement some of these or all of them and you will see some great results I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to learn more about making money online be sure to follow me onYouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter thanks have a great day….