How to double your phone’s storage

Today I’m getting to show you ways you’ll double the quantity of flash storage in your phone without having to shop for anything special without breaking your phone or anything like that its actually surprisingly easy and as was common first I’m getting to explain how this is often getting to work then I’ll walk you thru exactly and show you what you’ve got to try to to. 


You see your smart phone uses non-volatile storage for storage and non-volatile storage may be a solid state sort of memory As against a tough drive, for instance, which has moving parts. So this makes non-volatile storage much faster and more durable And it also has some interesting properties that we will cash in of. Now flash storage uses what are called cells. 


And these are basically small units of storage. And you’ll combine as many cells as you would like to offer you more or less storage. So, counting on what proportion storage your phone has, it’ll have a proportional number of cells.


The important thing to understand about non-volatile storage, though, is that every cell nearly always has what are called layers. Now you’ll of heard of the term ‘SLC’ for Single Layer Cell, And ‘MLC’ For Multi Layer Cell, but, basically, adding layers to a cell in non-volatile storage allows you to store more data counting on what percentage layers you add. 


So, for instance, a two layer cell would store twice the maximum amount data as one layer cell. 


And, really, the sole advantage for single layer is that it’s faster. And cellphones typically have multi layer cell memory Because it’s less expensive to supply But here is the thing Most cellphone manufactures don’t actually enable all the layers within the cells they only enable one among the layers therefore the memory may be a bit faster so rather than creating single layer chips right off the bat its actually cheaper for them to make multi layer chips and deactivate half the layers.


So it acts like single layer chips this suggests that half the memory in your phone is left unused a consequence of cheaper manufacturing costs but if we were ready to reactivate these unused cell layers we could multiply the quantity of storage within the phone and there’s how we could do that You see when the manufacturer created the non-volatile storage chip they deactivated the cell layers by simply powering them down so to talk but we will actually power them copy employing a focus electromagnetic field and this may actually provides it just a small little bit of jump start to permanently reactivate each layer so in doing that we will give the phone access to all or any the memory available within the chips.


So that is what I’m getting to show you ways to try to to Ok so now you recognize the fundamentals of what’s happening Your getting to need a couple of things Your phone, in fact Some wire, any will do a couple of battieries Some kind of metal pan? 


And your computer speakers. this is often getting to seem really strange but bare with me i’m getting to explain it all Now before i buy into the tutorial i would like to try to to a fast scientific explanation Of the method for those of you who are intrested And if you do not want to concentrate thereto you’ll skip ahead, I understand But its actually pretty interesting so i like to recommend sticking around.


So let me explain how these cell layers get deactivated and that i will show you ways you’ll reactivate them Now every non-volatile storage cell is formed from a transistor.


And these are connected to something called a contact you do not actually need to understand the specifics its just what’s connecting the various transistors together And counting on the state of the junction its either on or off, one or zero And thats how computers add general. 


Just a bunch of transistors, One or Zero that structure a program But a specific non-volatile storage cell goes to possess several contacts to store enough data But in every cell between the cell layers there’s a special P-N Junction That connects the differant layers of the cell And if we set that junction to Zero or Off That layer within the cell becomes inacessable and its like its not there in the least .


Now the state of a junction whether its on or off is decided by its energy state Above a particular threshhold called the knee voltage. 


it switches on or off so if we were to temporarily get the knee voltage above the threshhold it’ll permanently activate the additional layers connected thereto So that is what were getting to can we are getting to add extra energy into the contact using Electromagnetic Induction.


And physical vibrational Energy To jump-start that contact switch open And reactivate those layers Now enough talk, i’m sure you guys are wanting to start So lets head over and I’ll show you exactly what you would like to try to to Alright so now lets start the primary thing you would like to try to to is to show off your phone but before we do this let me show you what we are working with if it focuses you’ll see we’ve 32GB of memory here and its only about 17GB used So were almost halfway through so hopefully we will double that to 64GB if this works So then you’ll plow ahead, and switch off your phone. therefore the next thing we’d like to try to to is create an coil round the phone So what you would like to try to to is take these 2 batteries and also get the wire And put the batteries on the brink of the phone, probably behind it. 


Then we’re just getting to rap the wire, i’m just using an coaxial cable round the phone, and secure the batteries to the phone As best you’ll So it’s going to be quite picky but we got them centered pretty good, and just wrap that around enough until it’s really secure and that they aren’t getting to go anywhere *phone wrapping around wire* Its working pretty good then you’ll just either tuck the wire into itself.


So it dosn’t go anywhere otherwise you could use some tape or something like that that appears pretty secure the batteries are right there and that we have this, oh, the phone turned back on So you would like to form bound to tun it backtrack again if you get the prospect So when your ding it just confirm That they cable doesn’t depress on the facility button and switch it back on. 


And also you almost certainly want to possess a case on here therefore the batteries don’t scratch the rear or even put sort of a tissue in between the batteries and therefore the phone or something like that Just use sense Ok so when it’s all bound up nice Then ready to”>you’ll plow ahead and obtain your pan And this is often getting to allow us to amplify the E-M Field to a high enough strength And again i might reccomand putting something within their so it doesn’t scratch the phone of anything it’s not getting to effect the method then it’s like that.


So immediately believe it or not with this wire wrapped around it and therefore the batteries There actually is an Electromagnetic Field being generated From the batteries round the coil and being applied to the phone But it’s not enough to truly kick starter those extra  layers Into activation So we’d like to try to to a touch bit more. 


Once you’ve got all this next you would like to travel ahead and obtain your speaker for your computer And just put it right top of the phone directly down thereon And yes the speaker has got to be attached to the pc for what were getting to do next So what you would like to try to to is attend your computer and just find any sound file Dosn’t matter what it’s you only want tobe able to confirm you only”>that you simply can catch on really loud for instance i’m getting to play a  300 hertz sign wave right onto the phone. 


And as i discussed in the scientific explanation that’s getting to add a touch bit extra energy additionally of the E-M Field And kick starter those extra layers open So now you just want to play the sound file for about 15 seconds About as loud as you’ll *Loud Beep Start* And a bit like i’m now if you’ve got to you’ll let it choose about 30 seconds But 15 should be enough *Loud Beep End* So then in fact you’ll take the speaker off then just let the phone sit like that for maybe about 5 minutes just a touch while.


And this is often just to form sure all the cell layers have an opportunity to activate after you energize them And now we will plow ahead and unravel this And see if it worked beginning to turn back on again but that’s okay at now Alright so there you’ve got it we now have 64 GB of storage Double what it had been before far more available space.


Now If it’s a touch bit less it probably just means not all the cells were activated But still worked as you’ll see here Alright so thats it your telephone storage should be double what it had been before and if it didnt quite double, just a touch bit less It could mean you only need to let it go a touch bit longer Or it could mean that a number of the layers couldn’t be activated And this could work on any sort of cellphone iPhone or Android all of them use an equivalent sort of memory And it’s actually possible that it’ll quite double the storage If there are quite two extra layers within the phone storage So i hope this worked for you guys, if it did allow us to know down within the comments section how well it worked Did you get double or maybe more possibly?