How to Increase AdSense CPC

I wanted to write an article and show you how you can increase your revenue with Google Adsense so I’ll show you five steps that you can use on your website today to increase your revenue


First thing is having relevant content so having good content will help generate better ads because Google’s algorithm for Adsense uses the content around it and where the person has been navigating to on the Internet to decide what to show the user so having really relevant content and really engaging content on your website will help find the best ads that will you know generate more clicks of your users.


So make sure that you start out having good content on your website and having a good website that people want to go to and this alone can help increase your Google Adsense revenue just by having you know getting more traffic from having good content so the next thing is one of the basics and it’s having your ads above the fold so ATF if you’ve ever seen this before stands for above the fold so what does that mean we’ll think about it website here’s a web page now when you’re looking at a web page on your browser there’s a point where it stops where you’ll have to scroll down more so if you think of it like a book page this would be above the fold where the fold is on the website so having your ads as many ads as possible without ruining the user experience you want to have as many ads as possible above the fold so that when someone lands on your page they will see those ads first and the higher view ability that in a sense had Adsense ad has the more I’ll get clicked on it’s in front of the people’s eyes they can see it more so if you have you know your web page and all your ads are you knowdown here or at the bottom it’s more likely that less people are gonna see that.


Because you know when they land on the page it’s not right there for the mass if so make sure that you are having you’re putting your ads above the fold it’s okay to have ads under the fold you just want to make sure that you have some prominent ads that are above the fold when you know someone reaches yoursite and that brings me to the next one and it’s maximizing the number of ads soit used to be that you could only have a maximum of three Adsense ads on your website unless you’re a premium publisher which which we were and you could have up to five ads on your website but now they remove that policy altogether and they just recommend having a good amount of ads for a good user experience so if you have a really large page.


It’s okay to put you knoweight ads on there if you know really long and you can spread out that content and spread out the ads and break it up into you know nice chunks where it’s not just overloading the user with ads this will maximize the amount of clips that you can get as well because there’s more chances for someone to click on more ads.


I mean pretty pretty simple stuff so the next one is the color so the color and the design of the ad is super important and it can be different for for many websites it depends on you know the color scheme of your website and all that but you want your ads to be able to stick out there’s a thing called ad blindness and that’s where people are starting to get more blind to ads..


Because you know they’re used to seeing them so they kind of shut that out of their brain there when they were looking at your website so having ads that stick out maybe using you know a different color than the color of your website or maybe one of your alternating colors something that makes it stand out more than just using plain old you knowblack or the blue that the default blue that comes with Adsense so make sure your ads have color and that they’re there you know adjacent to the colors of your website and that will you know make them stick out more so another one and the last one is super important now and it’s optimizing your site and your Google Adsense for mobile so as many of you know mobile now is is two out of three every every people are looking at theInternet on their mobile device so it’s highly likely that if you run a website that you’re gonna be getting a lot more mobile users than desktop users so you want to make sure that you are optimizing your ads for the mobile users as well now.


Adsense now has responsive ads that shrink and grow depending on the device that the person is coming from but you also want to look at the general layout of your site and the UI to know you know a better places to put your ads for example you still want to use above-the-fold ads ondevice.


I’ll just be smaller so that the fold will be smaller so you know may behave an ad like right up at the top or you know right up at the bottom where people will be you know using the buttons and scrolling on their on their cell phone these type of places are great places to put ads on a mobile website now as far as types of ads we find that using text ads only are muchmore have a higher click-through rate but they produce less CPC and opposite with image ads they are clicked less but you’ll get a lot higher CPC they say it’s best to just use both and let Google’s algorithm figure out what works best best on your website but this is another option that you want to look at a little extra tip you want to check that out and see what’s working better on your site and if it’s text then maybe you should be using more text ads ifit’s images you should be using more image ads so these are just five super simple steps that you can do to to increase your your Adsense revenue so if you’re looking to increase the CTR of CPC just implement some of these or all of them and you will see some great results I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to learn more about making money online be sure to follow me onYouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter thanks have a great day….

How to upload your website on internet

Hi guys. 


Today we’re getting to see how you can upload your Website To the web. So for instance you’ve got built yourwebsite on your computer. 


And you’ve got these files. Now if you open this file. you’ll see that wehave our website. So now here you’ll see thatright now this Website is stored locally on a computer. 


Now if you would like to urge this website survive the web. 


You’ll do this by watching this video. So now all you would like to possess to follow this tutorial is your Website files. So once you’ve got your filesready we will all start. So we are getting to get thisWebsite online in only four steps. the primary step is tochoose your website name. 


Okay. So to chooseyour website name. Just click the linkbelow this video. and it will take you to the present page. Now choose any name you would like. then enter it here. 


So I’m getting to enter my websitename as then clickcheck availability. So as you’ll see thisname is out there. So once you get the name you cango to subsequent step which is to urge your hosting and domain. So hosting may be a place where yourWebsites files are going to be stored 


And domain is yourwebsite’s name So to urge this name and hosting Just scroll downthis page. and click on get hosting. Now this may takeyou to Where we’re getting to get the hostingand domain 


So to urge it. Let’s click start. Now entered an equivalent namewhich you chose before. and click on search. Then click select and continue. And now it’ll takeyou to the present cart page. Now to urge thedomain and hosting. we’d like to make a replacement account. So let’s click here then refill these details. and click on create account. 


Now here you’ll see that weare getting our domain Which is shoespaw.comand our hosting. Now both of those are goingto be valid for one year. So this meansonce you place this order Your website are going to be survive the web for subsequent one year. 


Now let’s go aheadand make the payment. Just choose yourpayment method Enter your details. then click save then complete the acquisition. Okay so now we havesuccessfully made our payment and that we have gotten ourdomain and hosting. So once you’ve yourhosting and domain you’ll attend subsequent step Which is toset up your hosting account.


 So once you found out your hosting account you will be ready to upload Your Website files. So to line up yourhosting account. Just click here. and click on setup. Now click next then again next. Now skip this stepby clicking not now. then click finish. So now we’ve set upour hosting account. So let’s click attend dashboard. So once you set upyour hosting account. 


You’ll reach thispage called The C panel. So this is often an area where you cancontrol your hosting account. So once you reach this page. you’ll now attend step four. Which is to upload your websitefiles to the present hosting account. So once you uploadthe website files. Your website will belive on the web. 


So to upload uploaded files. Just open nextto file manager. then click thepublic html folder. Now this is often the place where weare getting to upload our website files. Now we’ve a fewsample files here. Now before we upload our files. Let’s delete this sample files So to delete it. allow us to first click select all. then click delete. 


Now click confirm. and every one the fileswill be deleted. So once you deleted these files you’ll now upload Your website files. So to upload our files Let’s open the folderwhich has our html files. So these are the web site fileswhich i’m getting to upload. 


Now before uploadingyou website files. confirm your homepage is known as as index.html So once you’ve got these files ready rather than uploading them one by one we are getting to compressthem into one file. So to compress it Lets select all the files then right click. And attend send to. and click on compressed file. And now you willget this zip file. which can have allyour website files. 


Now to upload this zip file Let’s return to our hosting page then clickupload here. Now just drag this zip file from your computer then drop it here. The file are going to be uploadedto your hosting account. 


And once this is often done If you click return. you’ll see that we now have our zip file Now to finish the upload. we’d like to extract all of ourwebsite files from this zip file. So to extract the files Just select the zip file. then click extract Now click extract files. 


And now if we click close. you’ll see that each one of ourwebsite files are now extracted. Now as soon as youextract the zip file Your website should now be survive the web. 


So to see thatlets open a replacement tab. So now if we And press enter. you’ll see that ourWebsite is live. So this is often how we will easily uploadyour website to the web. Now if you able to upload your website Just click here 


And it’ll take you to the pagewhich we saw within the initiative. Which is choosingyour website name. So just choose your website name and then upload your website. .

How Cloud Computing Works

Cloud computing basics. 


The advancement of technology and encompassing networks storage and processing power led to epitome of computing. 


In this century it’s called cloud computing or commonly referred to as cloud. What is cloud computing? 


Cloud computing is a paradigm that allow on-demand network access to shared computing resources, a model for managing, storing and processing data online via the Internet. Some cloud computing characteristics include; On-demand service: 


You use it when you need it. Network access: Using Internet as a medium. Shared resources: Resources are pulled together and used by multiple clients. Scalability: 


Allows elasticity of resources. Three delivery models of cloud computing: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Cloud computing offers different services based on three delivery models. When arranged in a pyramid form. They follow the order of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. 


What is SaaS? SaaS or software as a service. It is a service that offers on-demand pay per use of application software to users. Unlike licensed bought programs. This service is platform independent and you don’t need to install the software on your PC. 


The cloud runs a single instance of the software and makes it available for multiple end-users. This makes cloud computing cheap. All the computing resources responsible for delivering SaaS are entirely managed by the vendor. 


This service is accessible via a web browser or lightweight client applications. Who use Saas – End customers are frequent users of SaaS. Example product and services of SaaS. Popular SaaS providers offer the following products and services. 


The Google ecosystem such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive. Microsoft Office 365, HR and helpdesk solutions and customer relationship management services such as Salesforce. Pros: Universally accessible from any platform. No need to commute you can work from any place. 


Excellent for collaborative working. Vendor provides modest software tools. Allows for multi-tenancy. Cons: Portability and browser issues. Internet performance may dictate overall performance. Compliance restrictions. 


What is PaaS? PaaS or platform-as-a-service. This service is mainly a development environment and is made up of a programming language execution environment, an operating system a web server and a database. 


All of this encapsulate the environment where users can build, compile and run their programs without worrying at the underlying infrastructure. In this model you manage data and the application resources. All other resources are managed by the vendor. 


Who uses PaaS? This is a domain for developers. Example products and services of PaaS. Cloud providers have the following as the PaaS products and services: 


Amazon Web Services elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, Windows Azure, Heroku and 


Pros: Cost-effective rapid development. it’s scalable. Faster market for developers. Easy deployment of web applications. Private or public deployment is possible. 


Cons: Developers are limited to providers languages and tools. Migration issues such as the risk of vendor lock-in. What is IaaS? 


IaaS or infrastructure-as-a-service this service offers the computing architecture and infrastructure that is it offers all computing resources but in a virtual environment so that multiple users can access them. 


These resources include data storage, virtualization, servers and networking. Most vendors are responsible for managing the above for resources. If you will use this service you will be responsible for handling other resources such as applications, data, runtime and middleware Who use IaaS? 


IaaS is mainly for SysAdmin. Example products and services of IaaS they include Amazon EC2, GoGrrid and 


Pros: The cloud provides the infrastructure. Enhanced scalability dynamic workloads are supported. IaaS is flexible. 


Cons: Security issues. Network and service delays. Examples of companies that use cloud computing. Amazon’s AWS or Amazon Web Services. When it comes to companies using cloud computing, AWS takes the lead. This cloud computing company offers IaaS and PaaS services to its customers. 


it’s popular for its Elastic Compute cloud EC2. Among other services such as elastic beanstalk, Simple Storage Service (S3) and relational database service or RDS. Apart from the complete suite of cloud computing. 


It offers other cloud related services including internet of things (IOT), cloud security and mobile services. iCloud: This cloud from Apple is majorly for Apple products and allows you to backup and store all your multimedia and other documents online. 


This content is then seamlessly integrated onto all your devices or apps. In case you access it from them. Microsoft Azure: This cloud is used and offered by Microsoft. It offers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS for its enterprise software and developer tools. 


If you have ever used Office 365 products, then you have used SaaS. Google Cloud: The Google cloud platform is a universal cloud for Google’s vast ecosystem and also for other products such as Microsoft 


Office it allows collaboration, storage of data and also other services offered by its cloud computing suite. 


IBM SmartCloud: Using Private, Public and Hybrid deployment models IBM SmartCloud provides a full range of IaaS, Paas and SaaS cloud computing services to businesses. 


Using pay-as-you-go model, this cloud generates revenue for IBM. 

What is Modulation

Modulation is one of the most frequently used technical words in communications technology. One good example is that of your FM radio, where FM stands for frequency modulation.


In this article, we are going to learn the basics of modulation techniques and see how they are applied in modern cellular and communications technology.


Frequency and wavelength of a wave are inversely connected. Humans have the capability to hear sound frequency from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz.


But if a radio tower transmits electromagnetic waves of the same frequency, the size of the antennas required will be really high. 


In the antenna video we have already seen that the size of the antenna is proportional to the wavelength. If we had transmitted the electromagnetic wave in the same frequency of sound, the antenna size required would have been in the range of kilometers. 


This is why we need modulation. Before the electromagnetic waves are transmitted they should be modulated to a high frequency signal. We can understand the way we modulate the signals with a simple analogy. 


Try throwing a piece of paper, it won’t go far. Now tie it to a stone and throw it again. The second method is obviously more efficient than the first one. This is exactly how we do modulation. 


In place of a stone modulation uses a high frequency signal known as a carrier signal. As we know any signal has three basic properties amplitude, frequency and phase. In the modulation process, one of the properties of the carrier signal is varied in accordance with the message signal. 


For example, the frequency of the carrier signal is varied according to the amplitude of the message signal. This technique is known as frequency modulation. Please note that the frequency of a carrier signal is always high, which means the modulated signal is also of high frequency and energy. 


The value of the originalsignal can be easily retrieved from the frequency of the modulated signal. In the same way, we can also achieve amplitude modulation. 


Here the amplitude of the carrier signal is varied based on the value of the message signal. The modulation techniques we have discussed so far have all been analog types. 


However, they are already obsolete. Analog modulation is susceptible to noise, which degrades the quality of signals. And moreover, in today’selectronic instruments, all operations are carried out in digital form where the digital signals are either a one or a zero. 


So, let’s discuss the digital modulation techniques that are currently used. More specifically, let’s see how the digital bit flow is converted to an electromagnetic wave. 


The first digital technique is amplitude shift keying. Here based on the digital pulses, the amplitude of the carrier signal is adjusted. 


High amplitude relates to one and low amplitude relates to zero. The next technique is called frequency shift keying. Here based on the value of digital pulses, the frequency of the carrier signal is adjusted. 


In this case high frequency relates to one and low frequency relates to zero. The third technique is phase shift keying. Here the phase of the carrier signal is changed by 180 degrees when the digital pulse moves from one to zero or zero to one. 


Telecommunications technology is all about increasing data transfer speed and efficiency. But if you use any of the digital modulation techniques explained previously, you wouldn’t get a high data transfer speed. 


However, there is a technique in physics which if you use it means you can practically send up to six bits of information as a single electromagnetic wave. 


This technique is known as quadrature amplitude modulation. To understand QAM in an easy way, let’s take two analog signals. The beauty of QAM is that you can modulate these two different signals as a single signal and then transmit it. 


Then at the receiver end, you will be able to separate out the original signals, thereby saving bandwidth. 


Let’s see how this modulation is done. In QAM, the first signal is amplitude modulated using a carrier wave as shown. 


The second signal is also amplitude modulated with a carrier wave of the same frequency and amplitude but after giving the carrier signal a 90 degree phase shift. Now these two modulated signals are mixed together and form a single signal, wecall it a multiplexed signal. 


The interesting thing is that on the receiver side, we can easily separate out the original signals from the multiplexed signal. In the case of digital QAM, a similar approach is used. Here instead of analog signals, different combinations of bits are added together to produce a multiplexed signal. 


Let’s see how a 16 QAM works. If you are familiar with digital technology, you know that any form of data is just a collection of ones and zeros. 


In 16 QAM, we can pack four bits together and send it as a single electromagnetic wave. Based on the values of the four bits, this output will have different phase angles and amplitude. This means the phase angle and amplitude of the multiplex signal can completely represent four bits of data. 


In 16 QAM, such 16 bit values can be represented by adjusting the phase and amplitude of the multiplex signal. And this single multiplexed signal is then used for the transmission. 


You can see how the different amplitude and phase electromagnetic signals represent various four bits of data. Using a similar technique to that used an analog modulation, here the amplitude modulated signals are also mixed together. 


And finally, a single output is produced. As we have seen in this modulation two carrier signals that are out of phaseby 90 degrees are used. Hence, the word quadrature is used to refer to this technique. 


If instead of QAM, we had used a normal modulation technique to send bits of data we would have used for electromagnetic signals. Thus, 16 QAM increases the data transfer speed by four times. Scientists have even achieved 64 QAM which is used in 4G communications. 


64 QAM uses six bits of data at a time, thus making the data transfer speed six times faster compared to a normal modulation technique. 


The modulation techniques are not restricted to only cellular communication and FM radio, but also have applications in television broadcasting, Wi-Fi, optical fibers et cetera. We hope this article has given you a clear understanding about the concepts of modulation. Thank you.

How to Learn Faster

If you’d like to memorize 10 times faster,this video will show easily you can improve. 


You remember information in two main ways– as words, using your verbal memory, or as pictures, using your visual memory. 


They’re different mental processes and they achieve dramatically different results. People never believe how absolutely crazy the difference is, so here’s a challenge for you and you can prove it for yourself. 


First, let’s test your verbal memory. I’ll give you a list of ten words and let’s see how many you’re able to remember. Here we go: PianoElephant TruckBottle BasketballChair PineappleDog PaintingTrampoline Ok, pause the video and write down all the words you can remember. 


How’d you go? If you’re like the average person, you were able to recall about five to seven words, not necessarily in the right order. 


So that was your verbal memory, now let’s test your visual memory. I’ll give you another list of words, but this time, I’ll also give a short story and draw a picture. To activate your visual memory, just create a mental picture of everything I describe and draw. 


You can even close your eyes and just listen to my voice. Here we go. Ferrari – Imagine you’re driving a bright red Ferrari with the top down. 


The music is pumping above the throaty growl of the engine, and your hair is blowing in the wind. Chicken – With a loud ‘thump’ a giant chicken lands in the seat next to you. 


It’s the size of a person, enormous and yellow. It must have fallen out of the sky. Watermelon – The chicken opens the car door and leaps out onto the road. 


As it stands there, an enormous green watermelon rolls over the top of it and keeps rolling down the road. Barack Obama – 


You watch the watermelon roll down the road and straight into Barack Obama. The watermelon splits in half and Obama is left standing there, dripping in watermelon juice. 


Poodle – Obama picks up a passing poodle and uses it to wipe juice off his face. The poodle is pure white, but as it soaks up watermelon juice it slowly turns bright pink. 


Flagpole – Obama throws the poodle away,it flies through the air and lands on the top of a tall flagpole. The weight of the juicy poodle causes the flagpole to slowly topple over. 


Cake – With a loud and messy ‘splat’ the flagpole falls into the middle of an enormous birthday cake. Icing, cream and candles go flying everywhere,raining down on people passing by. 


Doll – A large dollop of cream lands on the head of an oversized Barbie doll. It creates a weird chemical reaction and the doll shoots into the sky like a space rocket, blonde hair trailing behind her. 


Pizza – The doll rockets upwards and justas it starts to fall, a large pizza explodes open above her head like a parachute. The pizza is attached to the doll by long strings of melted cheese. Giraffe – 


The pizza eventually lands on the ground, covering the doll, and a giraffe walks over and starts eating the pizza, benyding its long neck and stretching its tongue to lick up the delicious cheese. 


Skateboard – After eating too much pizza,the giraffe pulls out a skateboard, jumps on it, and starts gliding down the street,ducking signs and street lights as it rolls along. 


Cigarette – The skateboard begins coughing,and it stops and uses one of its wheels to light a cigarette. The cigarette becomes engulfed in flames and the skateboard throws it away. Statue of Liberty – 


The flaming cigarette flies through the air and lands on the torch being held aloft by the Statue of Liberty. The torch bursts into flames too. 


Ice cream – The Statue of Liberty comes alive and thrusts the burning torch deep into a big bucket of ice cream. It’s cherry chocolate ice cream that melts and starts to bubble ominously. 


Fireworks – The ice cream explodes into fireworks, lighting up the sky above the Statue of Liberty with brightly colored fireworks forming the words ‘The End’. Ok, pause the video again and write down how many words you’re able to recall using your visual memory. 


The trick is to re-create a picture in your mind of each image in the story. Did you see the difference? And I did something sneaky, I gave you fifteen words, not ten, but the average person would have been able to recall from ten up to all fifteen words, and mostly in the correct order. Leave a comment below and let me know how your verbal memory scored against your visual memory. 


Visual memory techniques have been around for thousands of years, but for some strange reason, most people only know verbal memory techniques. 


Verbal techniques are things like acronyms and acrostics, word associations and rhymes, and even songs, and they all need a serious chunk of boring repetition. They can be fantastic for a small number of words, but they don’t activate the amazing power of your visual memory.

What is data science and This is what you should know

Hi everyone welcome to another article.


 In this article we’ll shed light on the data science career opportunities in India more specifically.


 We’ll talk about how you can become a data scientist in India we’ll take a look at the latest research to help you assess your chances of landing a data scientist job then we’ll focus on the education and qualifications you need to become a data scientist eligible for the job at any company to top things off will point you in the right direction in terms of where to look for data scientists job openings in India and we’ll share some extra tips that will help you stand out from the crowd 


All right back to the data scientist job and its outlook in India what do the numbers saya recent report by the Hindu states that there are an estimated 97 thousand data analytics job openings.


In India Bengaluru accounts for 24% of these job openings while Delhi NCR Ford 22% since the data science field is progressing at an extremely fast rate the huge demand for data science talent

especially in the technology IT and industrial domain can hardly catch up with the supply of skilled data scientists..


That’s why it doesn’t come asa surprise that a significant part of the data scientists in India more than 40% have received a data scientist job title within the last 24 months so becoming a data scientist in India seems like a truly golden opportunity let’s see what that means in terms of salaries according to upgrade comm data scientist is the highest paying job in India to be more precise the average data scientist salary listed on Glassdoor is above 1 million rupees per year and it could go up to 2 million rupees for more experienced candidates of course corporations based in large cities like Mumbai and Bangalore offer higher salaries.


But keep in mind that this may soon change many international companies prefer to open an office in Hyderabad as it’s much more affordable.


No wonder giants like Facebook Microsoft Google Amazon and PNG already call Hyderabad their home and that translates into even more career opportunities for data scientists in India now that you know for sure that data scientist is arising career in India it’s time to see what it takes to become one.


Well the education and skills required for data scientists are to a large extent universal no matter which country you live in , however to paint the most accurate picture possible we decided to dig deep into the numbers and guess what we discovered some pretty interesting details about the typical data scientist in India so what education do you need to become a data scientist ?


 In India according to our research 50% of data scientists in India have a master’s degree 34% a bachelor’s degreeand a small 6% hold a PhD now regarding academic background a degree in computer studies economics finance Business Studies statistics and mathematics is certainly considered an advantage however more and more employers are willing to waive such requirements in favour of relevant skills and real-world experience the typical data scientist.


In India who also speaks 2-3 languages has taken at least one online course and has posted four certificates on average onLinkedIn this goes to prove the increasing importance of online data science trainings not only when it comes to learning the fundamentals.


But also for acquiring the latest in-demand skills what else79 percent of data scientists in India are male this shouldn’t discourage you ladies as a recent data indicate that women are becoming a competitive force in the data science field our research also shows that data scientists in Indiagenerally have seven or more years of working experience.


However there are plenty of data science job opportunities for skillful beginners in the field and you can find out more about these in the super detailed and comprehensive 365 data science career guide the links in the description that said what are the skills you should have as a data scientist in India the must-have skill set for data scientists include sproficiency in excel good practical knowledge of statistics and mathematics confidence in working with visualization tools like power bi and tableau and of course experienced in scripting languages such as SQL Python and arespeaking of languages data scientists in India use more programming languages as compared to other countries such as Python our SAS and others.


And while Python holds the lead in popularity in the US and Europe in India it shares the winners place with our but how do you acquire all of these.


If you’re starting from scratch well luckily today there are many options, To learn  data science for example you can start a qualification program or study with private tutors however if going back to schools not on your agenda an online certificate program can be the best way to begin your professional journey and that brings us to the million dollar question where to look for a data scientist job in India the reality is it’s hard to do data science for Indian companies since few of them are sophisticated enough and have sufficient data for thorough analysis so of course the most obvious choice for an aspiring data scientist in India would be the large US and globally recognized companies in the sector outsourcing or operating in India here’s a short list of the biggest players and the locations.


They’re hiring at Amazonand Oracle have job openings in Bangalore and Hyderabad wall art and IBMand Bangalore and P&G are hiring in their office in Hyderabad now as promised before we say goodbye here are a few tips that will help you stay ahead of the competition if you are a college student or fresher tryget a data science internship even if it’s unpaid your goal should be to get industry experience that you will later apply in your permanent data science job create a good github repository and upload your own data science related projects and work there also put your github link in yourLinkedIn profile it is a good way to showcase your work to prospective employers participate in online data science competitions this will help you validate your learning and also get some noticed by employers if it is a sponsored competition attend local data science meetups that are taking place regularly in big cities like Bangalore poun Delhi and CR and try to network with the people this can truly help you create more opportunities for yourself


Alright we hope we were able to give you some good insights into how to become a data scientist in India in the meantime if you enjoyed this article don’t forget to hit the share  button and share it with your friends and subscribe to our Blog thanks for watching and best of luck in your data science career…