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How to Find Potential Customers – Keyword and Market Research Software – 


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I mean, isn’t that why we’re here on the internet creating businesses to bring in income to make things easier for ourselves recently on a webinar I asked is there anybody out there that just wants to spin their wheels that just wants to throw more money away.


That just wants to waste their time and the answer obviously Was an echoing ly silent. No nobody’s like that everybody wants to get further ahead And that’s why we created data. 


Geo. Let me tell you what the product is. 


It’s a market research tool That is absolutely the most powerful thing that has ever been released on the Internet What does it do imagine if you could pinpoint with absolute accuracy the ideal audience for any? 


Product I’m talking any product It doesn’t matter whether it’s a t-shirt a coffee cup a wine glass a software program business consulting coaching.


Anything at all if you could put that product in front of the audience that was ready to receive it Do you think that you would be able to make sales if you had a product that was all about digital photography? And you could put it exactly in front of the people that will interest it in that subject Do you think that you’d be targeting the right audience? 


Absolutely now. Let me ask you another question and this is an important one What do you think knowing that information would be worth to you? 


Let me give you an idea? What if you knew? where they lived How old they were how much they earn what if you what if you knew? What they were interested in what if you knew what they were searching for what if you knew?


What social groups they hung out in what if you knew what YouTube channels they subscribe to what if you knew that? Information would that be a massive value to you I can tell you it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars Imagine if you could go to absolutely any product you could pick up a product on Clickbank on jvzoo on 


Amazon on Anywhere that there is products available you might have your own and you can take that product and you could know exactly who the audience is and where to find them and not only that How to reach them in the best possible way could you put a dollar figure on that for me? 


Could you think about that seriously and just think what if you could grab any product that was out there and within seconds know exactly who the right audience for that product was What if you could pinpoint the ads that they? 


Responded to what if you knew what phrases they were typing in and what if you knew how to reach them would that be a Massive value to you on a webinar recently we asked this question What would it be worth and we got answers tens of thousands of dollars? 


Jundreds of Thousands of dollars in our lifetime and the sky’s the limit they were the kind of responses we were getting and I believe that’s true Because if you know where to find the audience for any product how many of those could you go out? Set up a campaign with the best chances of success, and that’s why we created the data Geo product.


There’s a full walkthrough further down the page and I invite you to have a look we picked a random product and Found the audience for that product in seconds not only that we found how to reach them and how to put the ads in front of in the best possible way as Dan Kennedy the the world’s best-selling author on marketing said in his book the ultimate marketing plan he talks about the Message media Triangle and what he says is Marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right audience. 


Using the right media get the right message in front of the right audience using the right meter that’s how to make sales get the right message in front of the people who are Responsive using the right format and boom you’ve got yourself a success story now again. What’s that worth to you? 


No matter what you’re doing online right now if you could look and see exactly who your best customers would be and how to reach them and What were ads what format of ads they respond to best could you put a dollar figure on that because I’m thinking it’s worth thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars when we created this product it was a direct result of one of the best in the industry saying to me the most important thing about making sales is understanding your customer the most important thing about making sales is Understanding your customer if you know where they live what they look for what? 


They’re interested in what hobbies they have what problems they have where they hang out what they respond to if you knew that? 


Information you could take any product That’s out there and be successful with a marketing campaign of that product So that’s why we created data Geo because all of that information is out there But putting it together is a nightmare it takes ages and in fact That’s why we created it because we want a better result and we wanted them faster welcome to data geo.


Please have a look through the details on this page and I want to ask you one last question before you go and look through data geo for yourself as Robert Frost said how many things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? 


How much would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail if you knew that you could go and grab a product any product and Find the best audience for that product, and you could have the best chances of a positive result How many times would you be able to multiply your business? Welcome to data geo. 


That’s what we’ve created for you, and I’m so thrilled to see you here as I said There’s a full walkthrough below There’s testimonials and case studies of people that have been using the product and I want you to make an informed decision So walk through this page because it’s here for you We’ve created this special offer as a crazy Pricing on this just for this launch time and you’re invited to check this out right now. What if you knew? 


Let me know what you think about this.

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