The sale of Christmas Lottery in tourist sites

Snapshots on social networks and the purchase of objects to give to relatives. This is how people validate their trips, although in recent years there is a souvenir that in Spain has gained enough strength , and not exactly to give away: the tenth of the Christmas Lottery.

Every summer, many Spaniards take advantage of their holidays to buy at least one number of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw. If this is your case, here we indicate the tourist destinations where “Gordo” has played the most times .

Madrid and Barcelona
The Spanish capital and the city of Barcelona are, without a doubt, one of the preferred destinations to buy the Christmas Lottery . And it is not surprising, since they are the provinces where the first prize has fallen the most, with a total of 78 and 47 times respectively.

Valencian Community
The Levantine coast is another of the vacation spots where the ‘Gordo’ of the Christmas Lottery has fallen the most times. Specifically, in the province of Valencia it has been distributed 22 times and in Alicante, 20.

Other tourist places very frequented in summer are Seville, Malaga and Cádiz . In the three Andalusian provinces the first prize has come out on 16, 15 and 14 occasions respectively. It is followed well behind Córdoba, a region where luck has been divided 7 times.

Basque Country and Asturias
The gastronomic quality of northern Spain is indisputable, as well as its landscapes. Also, luckily they don’t go that bad. In Asturias the first prize of the Christmas Lottery has fallen 15 times, while in the Basque Country it has done so 28 times (15 in Vizcaya, 10 in Guipúzcoa and 3 in Álava).


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The Balearic Islands
The islands bathed by the Mediterranean Sea are the tourist destinations least touched by luck. Only 8 times has the first prize come out in the Balearic Islands.

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