The millions of the Child fall in Madrid with the ‘Gordo’ and the second prize

The administration number 4 of Torrejón de Ardoz , known as “La Famosa”, and the administration of the capital, Doña Manolita , have won the Children’s Lottery with the number 57,342, leaving 200,000 euros per tenth to each successful participant. “We are happy, very happy. It is like the final auction, and the cherry. Having given the Gordo is the best,” said the manager of Doña Manolita, Concha Corona. Her administration has distributed a total of 2 million euros with this number, although the award has been widely distributed throughout the country and has been less generous this time with the people of Madrid than on other occasions.

The head of the Torrejón administration, Maite, has told Efe that “she still does not know” how many “lucky numbers” they have distributed since she does not know if they were sold in “loose series or by terminal”. She has assured that one of her “regular clients” has called her to congratulate her because “her father has had the lottery with the number that we take out of the machine every week”.

One of the lucky ones with El Gordo has gone to the administration to celebrate the award that he will distribute “with family and friends”. The first prize in the extraordinary draw for the Children’s lottery, held this Monday and endowed with two million euros per series (200,000 euros to the tenth), went to 57,342.

The number has been sold in Quintanar de la Orden and Villa de Don Fabrique, both in Toledo; Mollet del Vallés, Vilanova del Camí and Pineda del Mar, all three in Barcelona; Albacete, Rianxo (La Coruña), Veguellina de Órbigo (León), Madrid, Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), Lorca (Murcia), Tarancón (Cuenca), San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) and Santander.

Second prize in Alcalá de Henares
Alcalá de Henares has been another of the points of the Community that has been graced in this raffle of the Child. There, the second prize fell with the number 21816, endowed with 750,000 euros for the series , that is, 75,000 euros for the tenth, and it was also widely distributed. In Madrid, this second prize has only fallen in the municipality of Alcalá de Henares.

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