How to upload your website on internet

Hi guys. 


Today we’re getting to see how you can upload your Website To the web. So for instance you’ve got built yourwebsite on your computer. 


And you’ve got these files. Now if you open this file. you’ll see that wehave our website. So now here you’ll see thatright now this Website is stored locally on a computer. 


Now if you would like to urge this website survive the web. 


You’ll do this by watching this video. So now all you would like to possess to follow this tutorial is your Website files. So once you’ve got your filesready we will all start. So we are getting to get thisWebsite online in only four steps. the primary step is tochoose your website name. 


Okay. So to chooseyour website name. Just click the linkbelow this video. and it will take you to the present page. Now choose any name you would like. then enter it here. 


So I’m getting to enter my websitename as then clickcheck availability. So as you’ll see thisname is out there. So once you get the name you cango to subsequent step which is to urge your hosting and domain. So hosting may be a place where yourWebsites files are going to be stored 


And domain is yourwebsite’s name So to urge this name and hosting Just scroll downthis page. and click on get hosting. Now this may takeyou to Where we’re getting to get the hostingand domain 


So to urge it. Let’s click start. Now entered an equivalent namewhich you chose before. and click on search. Then click select and continue. And now it’ll takeyou to the present cart page. Now to urge thedomain and hosting. we’d like to make a replacement account. So let’s click here then refill these details. and click on create account. 


Now here you’ll see that weare getting our domain Which is shoespaw.comand our hosting. Now both of those are goingto be valid for one year. So this meansonce you place this order Your website are going to be survive the web for subsequent one year. 


Now let’s go aheadand make the payment. Just choose yourpayment method Enter your details. then click save then complete the acquisition. Okay so now we havesuccessfully made our payment and that we have gotten ourdomain and hosting. So once you’ve yourhosting and domain you’ll attend subsequent step Which is toset up your hosting account.


 So once you found out your hosting account you will be ready to upload Your Website files. So to line up yourhosting account. Just click here. and click on setup. Now click next then again next. Now skip this stepby clicking not now. then click finish. So now we’ve set upour hosting account. So let’s click attend dashboard. So once you set upyour hosting account. 


You’ll reach thispage called The C panel. So this is often an area where you cancontrol your hosting account. So once you reach this page. you’ll now attend step four. Which is to upload your websitefiles to the present hosting account. So once you uploadthe website files. Your website will belive on the web. 


So to upload uploaded files. Just open nextto file manager. then click thepublic html folder. Now this is often the place where weare getting to upload our website files. Now we’ve a fewsample files here. Now before we upload our files. Let’s delete this sample files So to delete it. allow us to first click select all. then click delete. 


Now click confirm. and every one the fileswill be deleted. So once you deleted these files you’ll now upload Your website files. So to upload our files Let’s open the folderwhich has our html files. So these are the web site fileswhich i’m getting to upload. 


Now before uploadingyou website files. confirm your homepage is known as as index.html So once you’ve got these files ready rather than uploading them one by one we are getting to compressthem into one file. So to compress it Lets select all the files then right click. And attend send to. and click on compressed file. And now you willget this zip file. which can have allyour website files. 


Now to upload this zip file Let’s return to our hosting page then clickupload here. Now just drag this zip file from your computer then drop it here. The file are going to be uploadedto your hosting account. 


And once this is often done If you click return. you’ll see that we now have our zip file Now to finish the upload. we’d like to extract all of ourwebsite files from this zip file. So to extract the files Just select the zip file. then click extract Now click extract files. 


And now if we click close. you’ll see that each one of ourwebsite files are now extracted. Now as soon as youextract the zip file Your website should now be survive the web. 


So to see thatlets open a replacement tab. So now if we And press enter. you’ll see that ourWebsite is live. So this is often how we will easily uploadyour website to the web. Now if you able to upload your website Just click here 


And it’ll take you to the pagewhich we saw within the initiative. Which is choosingyour website name. So just choose your website name and then upload your website. .

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