How to Increase AdSense CPC

I wanted to write an article and show you how you can increase your revenue with Google Adsense so I’ll show you five steps that you can use on your website today to increase your revenue


First thing is having relevant content so having good content will help generate better ads because Google’s algorithm for Adsense uses the content around it and where the person has been navigating to on the Internet to decide what to show the user so having really relevant content and really engaging content on your website will help find the best ads that will you know generate more clicks of your users.


So make sure that you start out having good content on your website and having a good website that people want to go to and this alone can help increase your Google Adsense revenue just by having you know getting more traffic from having good content so the next thing is one of the basics and it’s having your ads above the fold so ATF if you’ve ever seen this before stands for above the fold so what does that mean we’ll think about it website here’s a web page now when you’re looking at a web page on your browser there’s a point where it stops where you’ll have to scroll down more so if you think of it like a book page this would be above the fold where the fold is on the website so having your ads as many ads as possible without ruining the user experience you want to have as many ads as possible above the fold so that when someone lands on your page they will see those ads first and the higher view ability that in a sense had Adsense ad has the more I’ll get clicked on it’s in front of the people’s eyes they can see it more so if you have you know your web page and all your ads are you knowdown here or at the bottom it’s more likely that less people are gonna see that.


Because you know when they land on the page it’s not right there for the mass if so make sure that you are having you’re putting your ads above the fold it’s okay to have ads under the fold you just want to make sure that you have some prominent ads that are above the fold when you know someone reaches yoursite and that brings me to the next one and it’s maximizing the number of ads soit used to be that you could only have a maximum of three Adsense ads on your website unless you’re a premium publisher which which we were and you could have up to five ads on your website but now they remove that policy altogether and they just recommend having a good amount of ads for a good user experience so if you have a really large page.


It’s okay to put you knoweight ads on there if you know really long and you can spread out that content and spread out the ads and break it up into you know nice chunks where it’s not just overloading the user with ads this will maximize the amount of clips that you can get as well because there’s more chances for someone to click on more ads.


I mean pretty pretty simple stuff so the next one is the color so the color and the design of the ad is super important and it can be different for for many websites it depends on you know the color scheme of your website and all that but you want your ads to be able to stick out there’s a thing called ad blindness and that’s where people are starting to get more blind to ads..


Because you know they’re used to seeing them so they kind of shut that out of their brain there when they were looking at your website so having ads that stick out maybe using you know a different color than the color of your website or maybe one of your alternating colors something that makes it stand out more than just using plain old you knowblack or the blue that the default blue that comes with Adsense so make sure your ads have color and that they’re there you know adjacent to the colors of your website and that will you know make them stick out more so another one and the last one is super important now and it’s optimizing your site and your Google Adsense for mobile so as many of you know mobile now is is two out of three every every people are looking at theInternet on their mobile device so it’s highly likely that if you run a website that you’re gonna be getting a lot more mobile users than desktop users so you want to make sure that you are optimizing your ads for the mobile users as well now.


Adsense now has responsive ads that shrink and grow depending on the device that the person is coming from but you also want to look at the general layout of your site and the UI to know you know a better places to put your ads for example you still want to use above-the-fold ads ondevice.


I’ll just be smaller so that the fold will be smaller so you know may behave an ad like right up at the top or you know right up at the bottom where people will be you know using the buttons and scrolling on their on their cell phone these type of places are great places to put ads on a mobile website now as far as types of ads we find that using text ads only are muchmore have a higher click-through rate but they produce less CPC and opposite with image ads they are clicked less but you’ll get a lot higher CPC they say it’s best to just use both and let Google’s algorithm figure out what works best best on your website but this is another option that you want to look at a little extra tip you want to check that out and see what’s working better on your site and if it’s text then maybe you should be using more text ads ifit’s images you should be using more image ads so these are just five super simple steps that you can do to to increase your your Adsense revenue so if you’re looking to increase the CTR of CPC just implement some of these or all of them and you will see some great results I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to learn more about making money online be sure to follow me onYouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter thanks have a great day‚Ķ.

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