The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court asks that Lotteries report on the ‘incident’ in the Christmas Draw

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has asked Judge Alejandro Abascal of the Central Investigating Court number 6 to collect a report from State Lotteries and Gambling on the ‘incident’ during the extraordinary Christmas draw , after more than a dozen complaints of tampering with the balls.

The controversy broke out on December 22, when images were disseminated on social networks in which it was seen how the person in charge of putting the drum into operation introduced a ball by hand , when all those with the numbers at stake fall directly from the hopper before the draw begins.


The explanation of State Lotteries and Gambling to the video of the supposed ‘tongo’: What does this man put into the hype?
An individual filed a complaint for an alleged crime of fraud before the National Court which fell to Judge Abascal, who sent the Prosecutor’s Office to report on the appropriateness of opening investigative proceedings or directly filing the matter.

During the following weeks there was a trickle of complaints that already exceeds a dozen, all related to the same gesture of the person in charge of the hype collected by the television cameras that issued the draw for the presumption of fraud in the Christmas Lottery.

Now, the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court far from requesting the file, considers that this instance is competent to hear the facts denounced and proposes to the judge that, as evidence, request the State Lottery and Gambling Society (SELAE) report on “the reported incident”.

He wants SELAE to also report on “if there is a protocol for said assumptions and if it was applied” , as well as to send the full recording of the draw. At the time, SELAE issued a clarifying statement in which it explained that “one of the circumstances envisaged in the process of introducing the balls into the drums is that one can bounce towards the outside.”

“In that case – the note pointed out – the established protocol indicates that the operator responsible for introducing the balls into the drum must proceed to manually insert them into it.”

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