Kolkata FF Fatafat 22.10.2023 Result Today Kolkata Fatafat Result

Kolkata FF Fatafat 22.10.2023 Result Today Kolkata Fatafat Result

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Info:- Candidates can check their Kolkata ff lottery winning numbers from the Kolkata ff chart below on this webpage. 

*Kolkata Fatafat Result*


 Kolkata FF Result 22.10.2023 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi ***/*
2nd Baazi ***/*
3rd Baazi ***/*
4th Baazi ***/*
5th Baazi ***/*
6th Baazi ***/*
7th Baazi ***/*
8th Baazi ***/*

 Kolkata ff Result Old Chart 

Kolkata FF Today Result 

Kolkata FF Result Today

Kolkata FF result you can read on this web platform. Kolkata Fatafat result is a fun lottery game. Kolkata ff betting game is also called betting.
There can be many winners of one game, there can be many winners of one game. So not exciting game.Anyone can participate in the Kolkata Ftf game.This is a great opportunity for the following person to earn money.
Kolkata FF Today 22.10.2023 Result
Kolkata FF  Kolkata FF Fatafat Result
Draw Number 236, 574 & 890
Draw Name Morning To Night
First Prize Rs. 1,00,00,000
Result Date 22.10.2023
Result Time 10:00 AM To 8:30 PM
Result Status  Available 

Kolkata fatafat Game Time:-The game of Kolkata ff is played 8 times a day and the reason for this is the result of 8 times the results are updated on this webpage.Kolkata ff leaf game is a famous lottery game of West Bengal. It involves speculative people. It involves people placing bets on a lucky number. It is rewarded by betting on this estimated number. There is a lot of gambling in India. Some games are illegal, which comes in the branch of crime. A large number of people participate in the Kolkata ff lottery game and think of earning more and more money.Kolkata Fatafat betting lottery is a very interesting game. Apart from Kolkata, people of other states also play this game. Playing Kolkata ff game is a legal offense. But a lot of people try this game. And betting fetches crores of rupees. Let’s do it.Kolkata Fatafat is a numbers guessing game. People come to this webpage to find their approximate number. Because those people are investing on that number. When the number is confirmed, they get their prize. This is Kolkata betting.

Kolkata Fatafat is bet 8 times in 1 day. From 10 am to 8:30 pm, Kolkata Fatafat results are updated 8 times.

This is Kolkata FF or Kolkata Fatafat?

Kolkata ff fatafat is based on a speculative game. You can participate both online and offline. Most people choose the online medium as it is an easy way. People can see the result of their claim through a website.
And speaking of offline games, the bookies write their lucky number on a paper and pay some amount to join the draw. He also gives the betting hawk a recieving. But if it opens, then the number which is present in the result is considered to be the Kolkata FF Result.

There are three types of games played in Kolkata Fatafat, the first is single, the second is JODI and the third is PATTI.

Let’s Play Kolkata ff daily

The Kolkata ff betting game is basically selected only for the Kolkata people.
There are some big and small rules for playing the game, no matter what, there is no disturbance in the game and people are satisfied.
Similarly, let’s talk about Kolkata instant betting, which exists to play with some rules.
Kolkata Fatafat is a number based game. Many people also call it bets or bets. The bets are numbered from 1 to 9. You are free to choose. And with some money you can place bets. And when Kolkata ff draw takes place, you can see Kolkata Fatafat results on this page from time to time.

After Kolkata ff result, you can claim your reward with your receipt.

Kolkata Fatafat Old Result Chart Kolkata FF Live Result

Kolkata FF Old Result Chart

Here you can get both Kolkata ff Today Result and Kolkata Fatafat Old Result at the same place from time to time. If the correct formation of a data is in a certain place then it is easy for everyone to understand.
You can get the result of Kolkata Fatafat result on any day of any month. Looking at the old documentation of any subject helps in understanding the game.

Each digit gets an accurate assessment of which correct pair we choose to win. Similarly Kolkata ff old result will guide for new players.
The experience of any game helps to win that game.
The pattern list of each day of Kolkata ff result marks will be in front of you and according to which it changes every day.
Before participating in the Kolkata ff game, do check the Kolkata Fatafat Old result once.

 Check Today Kolkata FF Result 

 Kolkata ff Result Old Chart 

Info:- Kolkata fatafat ff result from 16-5-2021 to 31-6-2021 were closed due to lockdown. So Kolkata fatafat old result chart is not available.. 

 Kolkata FF Result 15.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 578/0
2nd Baazi 458/7
3rd Baazi 569/0
4th Baazi 112/4
5th Baazi 139/3
6th Baazi 789/4
7th Baazi 880/6
8th Baazi 689/3

 Kolkata FF Result 14.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi Closed Today
2nd Baazi Closed Today
3rd Baazi Closed Today
4th Baazi Closed Today
5th Baazi Closed Today
6th Baazi Closed Today
7th Baazi Closed Today
8th Baazi Closed Today

 Kolkata FF Result 13.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 266/4
2nd Baazi 178/6
3rd Baazi 689/3
4th Baazi 900/9
5th Baazi 140/5
6th Baazi 556/6
7th Baazi 259/6
8th Baazi 249/5

 Kolkata FF Result 12.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 699/4
2nd Baazi 168/5
3rd Baazi 167/4
4th Baazi 223/7
5th Baazi 149/4
6th Baazi 334/0
7th Baazi 289/9
8th Baazi 588/1

 Kolkata FF Result 11.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 134/8
2nd Baazi 145/0
3rd Baazi 578/0
4th Baazi 448/6
5th Baazi 160/7
6th Baazi 138/2
7th Baazi 288/8
8th Baazi 347/4

 Kolkata FF Result 10.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 277/6
2nd Baazi 450/9
3rd Baazi 589/2
4th Baazi 238/3
5th Baazi 679/2
6th Baazi 990/8
7th Baazi 158/4
8th Baazi 579/1

 Kolkata FF Result 9.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 200/2
2nd Baazi 467/7
3rd Baazi 268/6
4th Baazi 890/7
5th Baazi ***/*
6th Baazi ***/*
7th Baazi ***/*
8th Baazi ***/*

 Kolkata FF Result 8.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 460/0
2nd Baazi 266/4
3rd Baazi 450/9
4th Baazi 688/2
5th Baazi 234/9
6th Baazi 990/8
7th Baazi 480/2
8th Baazi 479/0

 Kolkata FF Result 7.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 189/8
2nd Baazi 677/0
3rd Baazi 459/8
4th Baazi 144/9
5th Baazi 369/8
6th Baazi 469/9
7th Baazi 700/7
8th Baazi 134/8

 Kolkata FF Result 6.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 689/3
2nd Baazi 359/7
3rd Baazi 800/8
4th Baazi 180/9
5th Baazi 680/4
6th Baazi 127/0
7th Baazi 268/6
8th Baazi 140/5

 Kolkata FF Result 5.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 160/7
2nd Baazi 469/9
3rd Baazi 467/7
4th Baazi 155/1
5th Baazi 189/8
6th Baazi 490/3
7th Baazi 130/4
8th Baazi 223/7

 Kolkata FF Result 4.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 567/8
2nd Baazi 245/1
3rd Baazi 566/7
4th Baazi 460/0
5th Baazi 269/7
6th Baazi 446/4
7th Baazi 347/4
8th Baazi 345/2

 Kolkata FF Result 3.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 340/7
2nd Baazi 126/9
3rd Baazi 779/3
4th Baazi 256/3
5th Baazi 348/5
6th Baazi 589/2
7th Baazi 229/3
8th Baazi 238/3

 Kolkata FF Result 2.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 450/9
2nd Baazi 269/7
3rd Baazi 560/1
4th Baazi 789/4
5th Baazi Push/*
6th Baazi Push/*
7th Baazi Push/*
8th Baazi Push/*

 Kolkata FF Result 1.5.2021 

Bazi No.  Kolkata FF Winner Result 
1st  Baazi 359/7
2nd Baazi 229/3
3rd Baazi 257/4
4th Baazi 189/8
5th Baazi 178/6
6th Baazi 268/6
7th Baazi 356/4
8th Baazi 258/5