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Daily Lotto
SA Daily Lotto Results Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Latest Update 07.07.2021 : Daily Lotto Results Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Get Live Daily Lotto 7.7.2021 Results, SA Lotto Result,  Lotto Results 7.7.2021 Today Winning Numbers : Result Time Updated Which You Can Find Details in Below …..

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Daily Lotto results for Wednesday, 07 July 2021:

07 ]  [ 09 ]  [ 10 ]  [ 11 ]  [ 20 ]

SA Daily Lotto results for July

July 4, 2021 results: 09, 16, 25, 26, 30

July 3, 2021 results: 03, 22, 27, 33, 35

July 2, 2021 Results: 08, 10, 19, 24, 29

July 1 2021 Results:  03, 05, 27, 30, 36

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Daily Lotto results 2021

Daily Lotto Result 7.7.2021 Chart
Lotto Result SA Lotto Results
Draw Number 849
Total Winner 131,189
Jackpot R481,418.70 Prize Breakdown
Result Date 7.7.2021
Result Time 21:00 PM (SASTA) Everyday
Result Status  Available 

SA Daily Lotto Resuts Game 2021

The Daily Lotto lottery is an important lottery in South Africa. The results of the SA Daily Lotto are drawn at 9 PM.
The number selected in the lotto result draw is the prime number. The first daily lotto winner is selected by guessing those numbers.
Everyone can try their luck in Daily Lotto lottery. For that you have to buy lottery ticket from your nearest lotto store.
Daily Lotto lottery ticket sales are available every day until 20:30. After that time lottery ticket sales are closed as it is the time of lotto results. The guess is made and 50% of the sales are allocated to the prize pool.

What is the SA Lotto Results First Prize Money Structure

Daily Lotto offers a hefty sum of money to the first prize winner of the results. But the Daily Lotto Prize does not provide a fixed amount. Because it is a winning jackpot that determines the amount based on the lotto lottery ticket sales. It is R200,000 And fluctuates between R1000,000. But this SA lotto jackpot gives the winning prize of each lotto draw, of course, to the winner.

How to participate to play SA Daily Lotto

  • You must be above 18 years of age
  • Get lottery bet sleep from lottery store
  • The lottery cost to enter the SA Daily Lotto is R3 but R150 is required to play the maximum number of boards.
  • Choose 5 of the numbers you want from 1 to 36.
  • Maximum 10 draws can be entered.
    A single draw has to be left blank.
  • Upon the winner, the lotto bet is taken to the teller for payment of the slip.
  •  If you have a Daily Lotto bet slip, enter your name, address and required details on the back of the lotto ticket. Otherwise someone else may use your ticket. 
  • You can pay the prize claim of lotto ticket anytime within one year from the date of lottery ticket.
  • To play SA Daily Lotto Online you need to register an account on the official website so that you can pay for lotto tickets online.

FAQs : SA Daily Lotto Results

Que1. How much does it cost to play Daily Lotto?

It costs R3 to play SA daily lotto. R 150 can be used to play the maximum board.

Que2. What are the odds of winning Daily lotto?

For the South African Daily Lotto, there are overall odds of 1 in 7.6 of winning a prize.

Que3. What are the Daily Lotto Draw Days and Times?

Daily lotto results are added here every day at 21:00 immediately after the draw. All players can match their winning numbers to the daily lotto bet slip, how many players won and the maximum jackpot received.

Que4. What is the Minimum Jackpot?

There is no minimum Daily Lotto jackpot, the size of the prize is based on ticket sales.

Que5. What is the Maximum Daily Lotto Jackpot?

Here are the Maximum Daily Lotto Jackpot R627k , Draw Date 31-05-2019: DAILY LOTTO Winning Number: 02, 04, 25, 35, 36. But it can be change because it is calculated based on ticket sales.