Khanapara teer result 11.4.2021 shillong teer juwai teer assam teer result

Khanapara Teer Result 11.4.2021 Live:
Khanapara Teer Today Result you are here at the most visited website known as dear Khanapara Teer which is one of the most fastest Khanapara Teer Result provider in India right now and friends Khanapara Teer Result 04:10pm, 04:45pm evening result is available here and friends today is 11th of April 2021 a great sunday so this day Khanapara Teer will be called as Khanapara Teer Result, and 1st prize is 1 crore INR and this result will post at 04:10pm, 4:45pm.Here you also get the Khanapara Teer live draw and the Khanapara Teer old result so get ready for todays teer result the other Khanapara Teer Results named as Khanapara Teer.

All Teer Result 11.4.2021 Today

Shilong Morning Teer Result 11.4.2021
 F/R (10:30 AM) S/R (11:30 AM)
Khanapara Morning Teer Result 11.4.2021
 F/R (11:00 AM) S/R (12:00 AM)
Juwai Teer Result 11.4.2021
 F/R (02:15 PM) S/R (02:45 PM)
Shilong Teer Result 11.4.2021
 F/R (03:45 PM) S/R (04:45 PM)
Khanapara Teer Result 11.4.2021
 F/R (04:10 PM) S/R (04:45 PM)

Teer Result’s Chart Details

Lottery Name Khanapara, Shillong, Juwai Teer, Meghalaya Teer
Draw Code 45 and 11.4.2021
Category  Teer Result (Available)
First Prize Up to Rs. 1,00,00,000
Result date April 2021
Result Time 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM  Continue
Result Status Published
Official website

Khanapara Teer Old Result

We know you are daily finding for daily basis of old khanapara teer result if you forgot to watch the old teer result then our website daily proviode or updated to the yesterday old Khanapara Teer Result and click on the below button and you can see the all 7 days Khanapara Teer Result.

Khanapara Teer  Result Today

We know that Khanapara Teer night results are more popular then any other Teer Result because this is the days last and ending result so most of the peoples are buy that tickest and you can also visit that result from the clicking the below button.Are you searching Khanapara Teer Live Result .Did you find for the 2 times of Khanapara Teer live results.

Today Teer Result of Khanapara

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Dear Teer Result

In the web their are two types of result, 1st type is known as Khanapara morning teer and another type is known as Khanapara evening teer so many of the peoples are type for this keyword which you can tell as Khanapara Teer Result.

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Khanapara Morning Teer  Result

This is known as Khanapara teer result, This arrow result is the main morning khanapara teer result. The result of khanapara arrow result is updated twice. The first result of the arrow result is updated at 11 am and the second at 12 noon.This is the day starting result of it and called as khanapara teer result.

Khanapara Teer Yesterday  Result

That means for if you will buy a ticket for todays and one day after if you will find the result then it will search for khanapara morning teer result yesterday thats all.

What is Teer Result 

JUWAI TEER RESULT TODAY, KHANAPARA TEER RESULT TODAY, SHILLONG TEER RESULT TODAY, KHANAPARA MORNING TEER RESULT, SHILLONG MORNING TEER RESULT, ARUNACHAL TEER RESULT ONE, RUNACHAL TEER RESULT TWO, MEGHALAYA NIGHT TEER RESULT TODAY, ASSAM TEER RESULT are famous teer games played every day in India.Arrows have continued to be played since the old times. Khaskar is a traditional and historically played arrow game in Assam, Shillong, khanapara, Meghalaya.
The archery game was accepted from the 20th century. In the beginning, the state government considered betting on arrows illegal, but gradually understanding the archery game became a means of income for its people and people. And for those states Was validated.
Everyone started betting on the arrow.
And many amendments came under the control of the state government under the Tax Act.

The arrow-based sport started selling arrow tickets at the end of session 2018 in the assembly. In this way, the government started benefiting more from the exchange and the people also got the benefit of millions of rupees from betting on the arrow. And other states. All the games of arrows became famous.
The number of arrows should not be less than thirty and not more than fifty and the total number of arrows used in each round of shooting should be between seven hundred and two thousand.
The target will be of the type commonly used in archery among Khasi or Jainties as the case may be.

The target size should be between 61 cm to 102 cm in height and a circumference of 66 cm to 127 cm. The target distance from the shooters shall not be less than 15.21 meters and not more than 30.48 meters and the time within which all shooters must complete one round of shooting shall not exceed five minutes.

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Khanapara Morning Teer Live Result

This is the very first result of the Teer Result that’s announced at 11:00 AM and second  really publish at 12:00 pm This result is also known as Dear Khanapara Teer Result. Within this result, the organizers announce that the first winner who receives one crore INR prize by money.

And Second khanapara teer evening result publish 04:10pm and 04:45pm.

Khanapara Morning teer result draws are called by various names . This structure helping us to find the exact draw name. Here below you can find the names of every day khanapara Morning 11:00 AM draw names clearly.

How To Search Teer  Result Today

Step 1: First of all open the webpage

Step 2: Scroll down and look teer result table.

Step 3: Find “Khanapara Teer Result 11/4/2021.

Step 5: Check your teer ticket number whether you won or defeat.

FAQ on Lottery Sambad

*Who operates Archery game?

The Archery game is Operated by State Governments of Shillong.

*Is archery game is Legal?

Yes. Archery game is currently legal in some states of india. an this is a offline based games.

*How to check the Khanapara Morning Teer Result?

Khanapara Morning Teer Result  will be available on the official website itself at 11:00-12:00 AM Every Day. Here we also publish the same results.

*How to check the Khanapara Evening Teer Result?

Khanapara Teer Evening Result 04:00 PM-05:00 PM will be available on the official website every Day. Here we also publish the same results.

*How to get the khanapara teer old result?

Here in this website you will find the khanapara teer old result we take the 7 days old result chart.

*what is meghalaya teer result night?

meghalaya teer result Night is the most selling ticket and this teer result is the days last result and most of the peoples are buy because of its days last.

*What is the first prize in teer result?

The 1st prize is Rs.1 Crore.

*How to Buy teer Ticket?

The interested candidates got to contact the shop owners to shop for tickets.

*Who can Participate in teer result draw?

Anyone can participate within the teer result draw.