State Lotteries and ONCE suspend sales of all games due to coronavirus

State Lotteries and Gambling has suspended the sale of all games (National Lottery, Primitiva and Quiniela), the marketing and payment of prizes of less than 2,000 euros for Lottery games at the usual points of sale, as well as online sales thereof. For its part, ONCE has also canceled all its draws. In addition, all the draws from that corresponding to this Monday, March 16, are postponed until a date to be determined in which their celebration is possible. All tenths and receipts sold through any channel will continue to be valid for the same draws on the date they are finally held.

The measure is adopted considering what is established in the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm for the management of the serious and exceptional situation of sanitary crisis caused by the coronavirus, and will be maintained for the duration of that situation. For this reason, the tenths and receipts obtained for the draws subject to postponement must be kept until they are held.

EuroMillions and the Million draws
However, the EuroMillions and Million draws on March 17 and 20, 2020 will be held normally with the participation of the receipts sold to date.

The expiration dates of awards that coincide with the period of suspension of services, is also suspended during the validity of the measures contained in the Royal Decree. At the end of its validity, the expiration periods that were pending at the date of the suspension will be resumed.

Likewise, prizes over 2,000 euros, from receipts obtained in the physical establishments of the network, may continue to be collected in those branches of financial institutions that are kept open. However, since the expiration period of the prizes will also be suspended, Lotteries has recommended not to go to financial institutions for this purpose until the end of the period of validity of the decree.

“We regret the inconvenience that all these decisions may cause, but given the seriousness of the public health problem raised, we must align ourselves with the efforts of the entire society to protect the primary good of health,” the statement concludes.

ELEVEN draws
For its part, the ONCE has reported that it suspends starting this Monday the draws of its traditional lotteries, including coupons and the extraordinary Father’s Day coupon, until the situation generated by the coronavirus recovers and the state of alarm ends. declared by the authorities.

“Based on the measures taken by the different administrations, which have concluded with the declaration of the state of alarm, the ONCE has taken all possible decisions in defense of its workers, as well as to guarantee the rights of consumers, and maintain the coverage of its 72,000 members and the rest of people with disabilities. “

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