“Chespirito” comedy endures for being healthy, considers his son

Roberto Gómez Fernández, son of the actor and writer Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”, considers that his father’s characters remain current, because he created something with extraordinary, timeless and universal values, which have an effect anywhere and at any time.

The President of Grupo Chespirito shared in an interview with Notimex that his father had a great knowledge of the human condition and around that he created comedy, which will last; In addition, part of his slogan was to entertain, but healthily.

“It was a comedy in which he was his own research institute, he had to like it first and then he saw it as an audience and made sure that he could bring the whole family together, which needed certain limits, it was very demanding,” he said.

Gómez Fernández confessed that “Los caquitos”, despite the fact that it was obvious comedy, at first they were a couple of thieves, so his father was late on the twentieth that he had to remove them, and in the last 10 years they had already withdrawn from that activity because their role changed.

As for growing up in a house with a famous father, Roberto assured that in his home there was nothing to do with entertainment, so in his childhood he did not know the magnitude of the reach of his father’s characters.

However, he revealed that he saw his dad work and then leave and come back, as well as the dad of any of his schoolmates with any profession as a doctor, except that hers was “dressed in red and wearing antennae,” he joked.

He acknowledged that little by little he realized it and even to date he is still surprised by the effect; As for his favorite character, he pointed out that although he likes them all, “El Chapulín Colorado” is his favorite because he is the one with whom he laughed the most, he even showed that his cell phone case was his.

“What I remember most is having a wise father, who was on the one hand very loving and resourceful, very light and very easy, and with the wisdom that characterized him, without realizing it he put us in our place, without the need for shouting or of scandals, “he recalled.

Given the success it has had in other countries, such is the case of Argentina, he considered that it is because he turned Mexican into Latin American, and despite the fact that many expressions that in language could be a barrier, his programs made them universal and they are already used elsewhere.

Those characters reached the tickets of the National Lottery in whose draw number 3683, with a major prize of 18 million pesos to be held on Tuesday, September 4, can be found: “El Chavo del 8”, “El Chapulín Colorado”, ” Doctor Chapatín “and” El Chómpiras “, among others, as part of a tribute.

“Recently, they gave us an example of the references of the National Lottery in the program of ‘El Chavo’, ‘El Chapulín’, etc., and you realize things that happened many years ago, but that are still relevant today”, narrated.

On the other hand, Roberto shared that the Chespirito Group, as always, works to maintain the legacy of the work of Roberto Gómez Bolaños in every way, so they continue to work with the animated series.

“But other things are coming, some from ‘El Chanfle’, for next year; we are still preparing the script for the animated film ‘El Chapulín Colorado’, and we are planning to continue producing the animated series ‘El Chavo’ “, advancement.

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