Very good feelings” for the sales of the Christmas Draw

The president of the State Society of State Lotteries and Gambling (SELAE), Jesús Huerta, does not have “certain data” regarding the evolution of the sales of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw at this time, but he does have “very good feelings” about.

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“The bulk of sales occurs in the last two weeks,” says Jesús Huertas, adding that this is “really the moment of truth” and when you see if the advertising campaign “has been successful or not.”

As understood by the president of Lotteries, the advertising campaign is “decisive” in this case.

“Historical data shows us how a successful campaign that is widely accepted represents a certain increase in sales,” he stresses.

Huerta indicates that sales had “a certain stability” until the time of the crisis.

“In those years of the crisis, as in all areas of society, lottery sales also suffered,” she details.

In this sense, the president of the State Society of State Lottery and Gambling highlights that in the last three years “gradually” there has been an increase in sales that are beginning to approach “pre-crisis moments”.

“We have not arrived yet,” he stresses.

I got the Christmas Lottery, now what?
I got the Christmas Lottery, now what?

“We have good vibrations that are transmitted to us by the people we talk to at the points of sale, the atmosphere that is noticeable on the street and the sales that occurred in the summer, which were slightly above those of previous years,” he says. , while insisting that at the moment there are no definitive data.

In this context, the president of the State Society of State Lottery and Gambling affirms that they hope “at least” to maintain sales because “that would already be important.”

“And if an increase that puts us at pre-crisis levels is possible, we would be happy,” he confesses.

The situation in Catalonia is “muffling”

In relation to the situation that has been occurring in recent weeks in Catalonia and is influencing the sale of the Christmas lottery, Jesús Huerta recalls that, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), last year there was a decrease of retail sales in Catalonia.

“Obviously, it affected us as much as that retail trade,” he acknowledges.

“This year the situation, without having disappeared, is being somewhat dampened, at least during the year,” says Huerta, to argue that there have been some National Lottery draws “in which sales in Barcelona or Tarragona have been higher than the average of the Spanish provinces “.

“Our hope is that the situation will normalize,” he confesses.

Regarding the 20% tax on the prizes, Jesús Huerta indicates that he would not dare to say “that the fact that the exempt minimum has risen this year and that even the first 10,000 euros is not taxed is a determining factor in sales ”

Previously, prizes whose amount exceeded 2,500 euros were subject to this tax.

Likewise, the President of SELAE recalls that the current regulation foresees that the exempt minimum in 2019 will rise to 20,000 euros and in 2020 up to 40,000 euros.

Thus, the prizes of the Extraordinary Draw for Children on January 6 will already be subject to the regulation planned for 2019.

On the other hand, after the number of 155 was exhausted in the 2017 Christmas draw, referring to article 155 of the Constitution that the Government applied in the context of the crisis in Catalonia, the president of SELAE points out that there is no record that this year “no number is being claimed for any special reason” or because “there has been an extraordinary event.”

“What is certain is that the possibility of searching through the terminals for a certain number and everything that technology contributes, is making many people are looking for special numbers but linked to some personal anniversary, or circumstances that bring them a good memory like the day of the wedding or the birth of a child, “he concludes.

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