The draws of the Lottery, Bonoloto and Primitiva return

Starting this Monday, State Lotteries and Gambling returns to launch their raffles throughout Spain , with the marketing of their products both online and physically, since Lottery administrations can already open throughout the national territory, including the Autonomous communities or areas that are in phase 0.5, such as the Community of Madrid or Barcelona, ​​after the latest changes by the Government . The raffles have been suspended since March 15 , when the state of alarm was decreed.

This week from May 18 to 24, the Primitiva and the Euromillions will resume, while the Bonoloto and Gordo de la Primitiva draws will restart in the week of May 25 to 31. Thus, this Tuesday, the 19th, the first EuroMillions will be played and on Thursday, the 21st, the first Primitive. La Bonoloto will resume on Monday, the 25th, with its daily draw and El Gordo on Sunday, the 31st.

As for the National Lottery, it will go on sale again on the day that the sale of active games begins and the draws will resume on June 11, 2020. Until then, the first draws will be to retake those that were not held in its time after the coronavirus stoppage, with which the tenths will be valid. The list of delayed draws can be found on the page of the State Lottery and Gambling State Society (SELAE).

In addition, all tenths and prize tickets whose prize would have expired during the alarm state remain valid when their expiration has been suspended during the alarm state.

Although, among the measures of the de-escalation for the territories in phase 1 the opening of the administrations was already contemplated, SELAE postponed the return as only 51% of the Spanish were in that phase, at the expense of this Saturday there were changes with the entry of more territories.

The return of the draws is good news for the state coffers, very stressed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused a large drop in tax revenues and contributions and a large outlay in benefits and aid to companies and sectors. affected. SELAE is one of the few profitable public companies. In 2018, the last year for which the data has been published , it billed almost 9,000 million euros and obtained close to 1,800 million euros of profit. During the 2008 crisis, the Government, then chaired by Mariano Rajoy, was close to listing 30% of the company in 2011 , but it was finally ruled out due to the low market valuation .

As for the ONCE, it still has no scheduled date. The organization is already working on the design of a training and information campaign for its vendors, as well as the provision of sufficient hygiene and protection elements to recover the sale of its products safely, both for them and for the people who acquire their traditional coupons and other lottery products. All sales agents are ONCE labor personnel and will join when security conditions “are absolute”, they explained from the organization.

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