Nagaland State Lottery 24.9.2022 Today Result 8pm

Nagaland State Lottery 24.9.2022 Today Result 8 PM

Download Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 24.9.2022 Today Result:- if you are looking for Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 8pm and Sikkim State Lottery, you will find Lottery Sambad Today Result here at 8 pm on this website.Will give correct information of Sikkim State Lottery can reward you. Just you have to buy a lottery ticket and get your answer by matching the serial number mentioned on the lottery ticket with the code number of the lottery result. Sikkim State Lottery and Lottery Sambad Night also have the result at the same time.

Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 PM24 September 2022

Check Lottery Sambad Result

According to Nagaland State Lottery Results, all lottery Sambad users can get their results at 8 pm. Our Lottery Sambad 8 pm result publishes very positive results. Match the lottery result serial number and 6 digit code of lottery ticket. If not received then you can check in the consolation prize. Nagaland Lottery Sambad is very effective and reliable lottery.

Times of Lottery Sambad Result

You can win the lottery here at 8 o’clock this evening. Stayed on our website to see the lottery results.

Since the lottery of India is very simple and simple, it is sold in many states and the results of lottery sambad are published thrice a day. First lottery sambad today result 1pm, Second West Bengal lottery sambad. Final result of 6pm and third day Nagaland State Lottery 8pm. Lottery sales are increasing day by day because there are lotterygad who want and respect lottery Sambad. However, Lottery Sambad is published three times a day, so the prize can be doubled or tripled. Which increases the chances of winning. Lottery players are excited by who wins the lottery game.

Nagaland State Lottery Well-known Table

State name Nagaland State Lottery
Name of Lottery Dear Evening Result
Draw Date  
Draw Fix Time Lottery sambad night result 8:00PM 
Category of Lottery Nagaland State Lottery Result
Result website
Results Status Available/pending
1st Prize of Award Rs- 1/- CRORE

Nagaland Lottery Stand Board ☝🏾

Lottery sambad night 8 PM 

  • Sunday
  • Dear Falcon Evening
  • Monday
  • Dear Eagle Evening
  • Tuesday
  • Dear Parrot Evening
  • Wednesday
  • Dear Flamingo Evening
  • Thursday
  • Dear Hawk Evening
  • Friday
  • Dear Ostrich Evening
  • Saturday
  • Dear Vulture Evening

Nagaland State Lottery Evening☝🏾

How did the lottery grow?

How the lottery was exposed and why the change in it gradually increased.

Let us know the history and development of lottery.

We get some information from the United States here, America is a country of sports. Many games have been developed here and will continue to happen. This information will be important for us.

You can understand the word lottery by name also. It is probably popular all over the world. Lottery is equal to the fate that changes life. There are many games around us, of which lottery is a game. It is also found in ancient books like Bible, Mahabharata, Quran, Gita, ancient Japanese book, there are some mentions that lottery game is played in ancient times. Gaya has its presence in Chinese history, which is absolutely true.
In ancient times, people used to sit together and play a game. In it, a big pot or utensil was used to put 5-6 tickets in it, the number whose number was first was given a prize. In the earlier times a job through lottery, Important things like money, property etc. were provided.
The lottery ticket was eventually born in the 15th century, which was played in broken ways in France.

Changes in lottery prize structures-The name that we have been hearing for centuries is still alive, which we know as the word Lottery Sambad. It was gradually divided into several states. It started to develop in 1560 AD. It is known as Sikkim State Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery, similar lottery games are played in 13 states. Its ticket sales were made very cheap so that the general People can also enjoy it.