Jesús Huerta: “I am convinced that Andalusia will turn to the Christmas Lottery”

The president of SERAE, Jesús Huerta, has shown his confidence that Andalusia will once again be one of the communities with the highest consumption of Christmas Lottery per inhabitant. Andalusians were second , behind Madrid, who spent the most on the lottery last year , with almost 400 million euros, with an average of 47 euros per citizen. “I am convinced that Andalusia will turn over because we are deeply rooted,” said Huerta, who recalled that this draw was born in Cádiz in 1812.

The president of State Lotteries and Gambling maintained that after the State of Alarm, “the illusion and values” generated by this lottery return with more force thanks to the 2,408 million euros in prizes, 28 million more than in 2019, and the many people’s desire to share luck. SERAE has promoted a summer campaign for this Christmas raffle because a large percentage of sales are from Spaniards who purchase tenths or shares in the municipalities they travel to or vacation in.

Seville and Cádiz have been the Andalusian cities that have been favored the most times by the Extraordinary Christmas Draw with 16 and 12 fat people, respectively, although they have won the first prize in practically all the Andalusian provinces.

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