In 56,044 ‘la Grossa de Sant Jordi’ is removed

The first prize of the Grossa de Sant Jordi , a lottery promoted by the Generalitat and whose draw has been postponed until today due to the situation of the covid, has fallen to 56,044. The tickets, whose sale value is 5 euros, graced will have a prize of 50,000 euros. In addition, that banknote with the serial number 25 is endowed with an extraordinary prize of two million euros.

Likewise, the tickets for the number before and after the first prize, 56,043 and 56,045, have been awarded 2,000 euros. Tickets ending in 6,044 will receive a prize of 500 euros; those ended in 044, another 100 euros; and the finishes in 44, 30 euros. All holders of tickets finished in 4 will receive the amount of the return, five euros.

The second prize of 20,000 euros for a 5-euro bill played was for 60,645. The third prize of 10,000 euros per ticket has been awarded to 06,211.

Last March 16, Loteries de Catalunya suspended, after declaring the State of Alarm, the commercialization and the draw and payment with the terminals of the shops adhering to the gaming administration. The measures were not lifted until last May 21. The special Sant Jordi draw that had to be held on April 27 but was postponed until today due to the pandemic.

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