Garena Free Fire Update Battle Royal Game

Garena Free Fire Mobile Game 2021

Free Fire is a Battle Ground Royal mobile online game which Garena launched in the season 2017. It is a free of cost download game.
Free Fire Battle is a battle ground game based on the Royal Hollywood movie. This Garena game is based on a jungle (map) where a certain number of people are left at each other in remote places. One has to survive by struggling with the help of.
Free-fire is obtained by searching for a weapon or killing another player, which is quite a struggle.
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The Free Fire Battle Royal game begins with those 50 bravehearts.
Who jump on uncharted places on an island island with the help of a plane.
Continually the number of players of the game is reduced by fighting each other. And in the end one player becomes the winner of the free fire game. The game has no time limit but it depends on the working style of the players.
In the map of the Free Fire Battle Royal game, one zone moves at a time, which reduces the limit. The energy of the player who goes to that zone circle keeps decreasing. So all the remaining players move to the safe zone.
Garena Free Fire Game makes you feel like a real game. In Garena Free Fire game you can choose any weapon which is available for that game. There is no compulsion for weapons.
You can also use bomb to kill the enemy and smog to defend yourself.

✔️Free fire Launch

Free Fire or Garena Free Fire was developed by 111 Dots Studio and gradually improved its updates which became quite useful in the future. Therefore, Session 2019 became the most downloaded game globally.
Free Fire is a publication of Garena.
Free Fire launched for both Android and ios.
The session continued to be around 100 million daily active users during the 2021 global pandemic. A record was recorded in the field of games. It has so far garnered around 90 to 100 billion.

✔️Free Fire Updates

Talking about free fire updates, a development system is in place which keeps trying to keep the pattern of new updates coming in. New features and mechanical features are available every single term.
When some new event comes in Free Fire, the players are very happy that a new version or some new game mode has been available. In this way Free Fire keeps on moving.
Do not mind playing Garena free fire games as many times.

✔️Free fire Name

In the Free Fire Royal game, players start using their character names to look like a pro player using some great fonts. These special fonts are used more in games like Free Fire and pubg.
Players with good Royal Passes have more material to collect.
IGN is added only when we create free fire account. Naming of players of every game is very important.
Most Royal Pass players can change their IGN using expensive diamonds.
Actually, in this webpost, how do we create beautiful and dangerous names using special fonts in Free Fire.

There are many unique keyboards to style Free Fire’s character name but some make good IGNs using select keyboards. Some list is shown below and how to use its methods.

How to make your name stylish in Free Fire






How to use the above keywords and say that the correct and unique INC is obtained.
Step 1 Search Google on any given keyword. Put a unique name in the text box of the first website, obtained from

Step 2 – Search, many beautiful fonts will be received.
Step 3 – Select and copy the preferred name.

For the stylish name, free fire players have this free facility. There is no need to buy diamond by applying money.
But you can also change the name later, but for that you have to buy a rename card.
This step is beneficial for new players as they do not need to spend diamonds, but the name change players will have to buy the rename card. Copy the name from the website and how to use it in the game is given below.
How can I change the nickname inside Free Fire?

Steps to change the name below are given:

Step 1: First click on the profile.

Step 2: Touch the yellow button.

Step 3: After that the dialog box will open on the screen. Enter the name you selected from the website in the text box.

After that click on the button available below, the name will be changed.

Garena Free Fire Play on PC

Free Fire games are easily downloaded and played by players anywhere in mobile. But the same free Free Fire has to control many settings to play on pc.
Let’s know how to download and play Free Fire on pc.

The free fire game is designed for both Android and ios platforms. Most of the people enjoy free fire in mobile but the graphics and visuals are very big and impressive when playing on pc. If playing free fire at home For pc or laptop is fine.

Use Emulator for run Free fire
To run a large-scale game on pc, one needs to use the software so that a large size game (free fire, pubg etc.) can run easily.
Best Computer Emulator is used to run the Gaming App. There is a very good quality emulator available on the App Store which you can use.

The emulator can be understood as hardware or software because a computer is capable of making the system work better. Actually, the emulator is capable of operating many software or many tools of the system.

Here are some of the best Android emulators for PC:

  • LDPlayer
  • BlueStacks
  • GameLoop
  • NoxPlayer
  • Memu
  • Genymotion
  • Droid4x
Some of the best ios emulators
  • Xcode.
  • iPadian.
  • TestFlight.
  • Electric Mobile Studio.
  • Apple M1 Mac.

In all these, bluestack and tencent emulator work very well to run free fire.


BlueStacks is the better performing emulator for Android World, the way the configuration of the keyboard in pc is played to play the game is very responsive. It provides custom keyboard settings. This emulator is responsible for better performance while playing the game.

Bluestacks allows multiple game play.
Also provides facilities for screen recording during any action.

PC configuration for free fire

  1. Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor
  2. Intel/NVidia/ATI Graphics card
  3. 8GB or Higher RAM
  4. SSD Hard disc

The Emulator requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM space to load into the PC.
And about 5 GB of free hard disk space is needed.

How to install any Emulator, Let’s talk about Bluestack:-

  • Download Emulator and install in PC.
  • Open Bluestack and browse free fire.
  • Download Garena free fire from the app browser.
  • After installation you are ready to play and enjoy it.

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