National Lottery, results of Saturday July 11, 2020: The second prize falls in Santa Pola

The first prize of the National Lottery held today Saturday, July 11, 2020 has gone to number 02,412. The holder of a tenth with this number is in luck, as he is endowed with 60,000 euros per tenth. The second prize in the draw was for number 05,435 , endowed with 12,000 euros and which has fallen in Santa Pola (CC “Gran Alacant”, Calle Finlandia, 17).

Refunds are for the tenths ended in 9-6-2.

How is the National Lottery played?
The National Lottery is a raffle based on the sale of tenth forms. A ticket consists of ten tenths with the same number and series. The series are the different tickets numbered from 00000 to the last one that is printed in each draw.

Each of the ten tenths of a note is identified by the fraction, so that a tenth always has a unique combination of number, series and fraction.

The draws are on Thursdays and Saturdays and in them five balls between 0 and 9 are extracted from a drum that correspond to the tens of thousands, units of thousands, hundreds, tens and units, that make up the winning number. Success is rewarded at five, four, three, two and one figure.

Thursday National Lottery
The National Thursday lottery is sold in tenths at a usual price of 3 euros. It usually has a first prize of € 30,000 and a special prize for the series and fraction of 1,470,000 euros.


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Saturday National Lottery
The National Saturday lottery is sold in tenths of a usual price of 6, 12, 15 or 20 euros. His first prize ranges from 60,000 to 130,000 euros and a special prize to the series and fraction of up to 16,170,000 euros.

The sale of Christmas Lottery in tourist sites

Snapshots on social networks and the purchase of objects to give to relatives. This is how people validate their trips, although in recent years there is a souvenir that in Spain has gained enough strength , and not exactly to give away: the tenth of the Christmas Lottery.

Every summer, many Spaniards take advantage of their holidays to buy at least one number of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw. If this is your case, here we indicate the tourist destinations where “Gordo” has played the most times .

Madrid and Barcelona
The Spanish capital and the city of Barcelona are, without a doubt, one of the preferred destinations to buy the Christmas Lottery . And it is not surprising, since they are the provinces where the first prize has fallen the most, with a total of 78 and 47 times respectively.

Valencian Community
The Levantine coast is another of the vacation spots where the ‘Gordo’ of the Christmas Lottery has fallen the most times. Specifically, in the province of Valencia it has been distributed 22 times and in Alicante, 20.

Other tourist places very frequented in summer are Seville, Malaga and Cádiz . In the three Andalusian provinces the first prize has come out on 16, 15 and 14 occasions respectively. It is followed well behind Córdoba, a region where luck has been divided 7 times.

Basque Country and Asturias
The gastronomic quality of northern Spain is indisputable, as well as its landscapes. Also, luckily they don’t go that bad. In Asturias the first prize of the Christmas Lottery has fallen 15 times, while in the Basque Country it has done so 28 times (15 in Vizcaya, 10 in Guipúzcoa and 3 in Álava).


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The Balearic Islands
The islands bathed by the Mediterranean Sea are the tourist destinations least touched by luck. Only 8 times has the first prize come out in the Balearic Islands.

The millions of the Child fall in Madrid with the ‘Gordo’ and the second prize

The administration number 4 of Torrejón de Ardoz , known as “La Famosa”, and the administration of the capital, Doña Manolita , have won the Children’s Lottery with the number 57,342, leaving 200,000 euros per tenth to each successful participant. “We are happy, very happy. It is like the final auction, and the cherry. Having given the Gordo is the best,” said the manager of Doña Manolita, Concha Corona. Her administration has distributed a total of 2 million euros with this number, although the award has been widely distributed throughout the country and has been less generous this time with the people of Madrid than on other occasions.

The head of the Torrejón administration, Maite, has told Efe that “she still does not know” how many “lucky numbers” they have distributed since she does not know if they were sold in “loose series or by terminal”. She has assured that one of her “regular clients” has called her to congratulate her because “her father has had the lottery with the number that we take out of the machine every week”.

One of the lucky ones with El Gordo has gone to the administration to celebrate the award that he will distribute “with family and friends”. The first prize in the extraordinary draw for the Children’s lottery, held this Monday and endowed with two million euros per series (200,000 euros to the tenth), went to 57,342.

The number has been sold in Quintanar de la Orden and Villa de Don Fabrique, both in Toledo; Mollet del Vallés, Vilanova del Camí and Pineda del Mar, all three in Barcelona; Albacete, Rianxo (La Coruña), Veguellina de Órbigo (León), Madrid, Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), Lorca (Murcia), Tarancón (Cuenca), San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) and Santander.

Second prize in Alcalá de Henares
Alcalá de Henares has been another of the points of the Community that has been graced in this raffle of the Child. There, the second prize fell with the number 21816, endowed with 750,000 euros for the series , that is, 75,000 euros for the tenth, and it was also widely distributed. In Madrid, this second prize has only fallen in the municipality of Alcalá de Henares.

Gaiata 2 Fadrell’s luck

The luck has wanted to smile at the Gaiata 2 Fadrell in the last draws of the Lotería Nacional both the numbers and the sector played in the Christmas Gordo as those of the draw of the Child have been awarded .

La Gaiata was playing number 00.782 in the Christmas Gordo lottery which was awarded 5 euros per euro played. Subsequently, in the Child’s draw, they played with the number 76,442 whose last two figures coincided with the first prize, so they won 6 euros per euro played.

La Gaiata has begun to pay the prizes this Tuesday, January 14, and the neighbors, when collecting their ballots, have found themselves with long queues.

From the sector it has been reported that the collection of the ballots will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the month of January from 19:00 to 21:00 in the bank of the entity located at c / Fola n.37

The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court asks that Lotteries report on the ‘incident’ in the Christmas Draw

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has asked Judge Alejandro Abascal of the Central Investigating Court number 6 to collect a report from State Lotteries and Gambling on the ‘incident’ during the extraordinary Christmas draw , after more than a dozen complaints of tampering with the balls.

The controversy broke out on December 22, when images were disseminated on social networks in which it was seen how the person in charge of putting the drum into operation introduced a ball by hand , when all those with the numbers at stake fall directly from the hopper before the draw begins.


The explanation of State Lotteries and Gambling to the video of the supposed ‘tongo’: What does this man put into the hype?
An individual filed a complaint for an alleged crime of fraud before the National Court which fell to Judge Abascal, who sent the Prosecutor’s Office to report on the appropriateness of opening investigative proceedings or directly filing the matter.

During the following weeks there was a trickle of complaints that already exceeds a dozen, all related to the same gesture of the person in charge of the hype collected by the television cameras that issued the draw for the presumption of fraud in the Christmas Lottery.

Now, the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court far from requesting the file, considers that this instance is competent to hear the facts denounced and proposes to the judge that, as evidence, request the State Lottery and Gambling Society (SELAE) report on “the reported incident”.

He wants SELAE to also report on “if there is a protocol for said assumptions and if it was applied” , as well as to send the full recording of the draw. At the time, SELAE issued a clarifying statement in which it explained that “one of the circumstances envisaged in the process of introducing the balls into the drums is that one can bounce towards the outside.”

“In that case – the note pointed out – the established protocol indicates that the operator responsible for introducing the balls into the drum must proceed to manually insert them into it.”

EuroMillions and La Primitiva are back regardless of the de-escalation phase

The State Society of State Lotteries and Gambling (SELAE) has announced that, from this Monday, May 18, the reopening of the gaming terminals will take place , restarting the marketing of their products at the points of sale enabled to open in the phases 0 and 1, as well as those who have passed to phase 2 of the de-escalation.

In a statement released to the sector, SELAE details that, in this way, the commercialization of games (with the exception of Horse Racing and Lototurf Sports Betting) begins the week of May 18 to 24, specifically, EuroMillions and Primitive Lottery , while the week of May 25 to 31 will take place those of Bono Loto and El Gordo de la Primitiva.

National Lottery: raffles from June 11
As for the National Lottery , in any of its marketing formats, it will be put on sale again on the same day May 18 and the draws will resume from June 11, 2020 , details SELAE.

State Lotteries and Gambling suspended the sale of all games on March 15, considering the provisions of the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by the coronavirus. Therefore, it indicates that the already scheduled draws that could not be held due to the start of the health crisis caused by Covid19 will resume this week and the sealed tickets will have the same value.

Regarding the receipts and tenth prize winners whose collection period had expired during the term of the Alarm State, SELAE recalls that they are still in force and can be collected when the expiration period has been suspended while the measures contained in Royal Decree 463/2020 have lasted. of March 14, which declared the State of Alarm.

Regarding the management of the preprinted National Lottery, those integral points of sale that returned tickets and tenths of the draws 23 and 24 of 2020 by terminal, may reactivate them and put them up for sale, as long as they are not drilled. The tickets and tenths that are drilled are not valid for sale, but the affected points may request new National Lottery orders for either of the two draws.

Hygiene and security measures
As for the baggage service of the Commercial Delegations, he explains that it will not be restored until the week of June 1 and that its restart will be carried out “scrupulously following the safety and hygiene measures established by the health authorities.”

In addition, he points out that, if any point of sale needs consumables, he must notify his Commercial Delegation, who will deliver it to him through a special shipment; while any visit to the Commercial Delegations must be made by appointment.

Likewise, starting this Monday, May 18, the Commercial Delegations will provide, through special shipments, floor marking elements to indicate the safety distance that customers must observe at the points of sale together with the security and hygiene measures sent previously.

Lastly, SELAE expresses its hope that the pandemic “has not had an impact on the health” of its collaborators, relatives and close friends, and conveys its “solidarity and desire for a speedy recovery for all those it would have affected”.